On most cases people you rely on to support you are mothers, Fathers and others but in my case, my supporter and shoulder to cry on is my little sister. I never expected to be supported by such little girl especially for what I was going through.

The way I love my little Sister I can’t live without her. The way I get excited to see to her everyday you would think she lives far from us but that’s not the case it’s just that I’ve realised how lucky I am. Even when she come back from school I always shout her name like, “Hato, Hato, Hato ” that’s how excited I get to see her. Even when she’s hurt it hurts me deeply to a point I can’t sleep and i pray that nobody hurts her because she’s such a cute and kind person and doesn’t like and know how to fight. When we are together we are inseparable, I swear that my sister is my life and I can’t imagine my life without her, my love Mamohato.

The way we love each other, we always do things together like going to the gym together and the mall, the way I’ve gotten used to go everywhere with her, I cant go anywhere without her, I’d rather wait for her to come back from school so we can go anywhere I want. She even supports me when I go to th gym just to encourage me on doing better. I even feel guilty when I can’t do anything for her even when she needs something, I need to spoil my baby one day to show how blessed I am, my everything.

I know it’s weird but I love her more than my Mother and I would do anything to see her happy and we share everything about ourselves even about our day. I love you so much my Baby my joy and love.