In the following piece , we will talk about how women are always seen ‘hard to get’ or simply full of themselves because they say no to forming certain romantic relationships and friendships.

Women are asked out every day, by people who might know them or even people they don’t know. As we turn them down every day, the more we feel unsafe and we become so self-aware and unsure about ourselves. When a woman turns down a certain guy, he either starts calling her hateful names, says she is acting better than every other woman in the township or is simply hard to get.

This destroys a woman because she has already said no and is not being understood. In all my years of observing this kind of behaviour from male people, I’ve noticed that they can not deal with rejection, hence they shift the spotlight from themselves and deal with it by blaming the female person. Yes, rejection can make one’s self-esteem and confidence take a knock but blaming and shaming another person is not right and should not be accepted in any circumstance.

If real men don’t act now and teach the man of tomorrow real responsibility and accountability, then we must just forget having a man who will protect and know that whatever that comes out of their mouth is to build, share love and not demolish a female person. Real men know that no means no!