Having a girl child, is a gift, a beautiful gift. Having a daughter is wonderful, from the moment she is born, you’ll be surrounded by pink happiness and sticky hugs and kisses.

I don’t think they’re appreciated enough. A girl child would never buy a car, while her parents are suffering. A girl child would never move out and buy groceries for her boyfriend’s family over her own. A girl child would never buy clothes and expensive cologne just to impress guys, while at home, there is no food for the day. A girl child would never buy alcohol for friends and boys, just to impress them and be able to score for the night.

Yes, a girl child will get hurt by men, but she won’t drown her sorrows in alcohol, she will get played, but she will never play with her family’s money for bread. What I’m saying is, that a girl child is a lifetime gift. A daughter will carry you till you grow old and grey. Blessed are those parents surrounded by daughters.

A Girl Child.