He wakes up from a bad dream and realizes that tomorrow will never be the same. A 12 years old boy who is an only albino in a village. The most gifted child in the village. People in the area would mock him and make fun of him, as they where not familiar with people with his condition.

One morning Tsutsube had a dream and told his mom about it but his mom did not take him serious. He was not aware that he has a gifted of seeing things before they could eventually happens. After Tsutsube had told his mother about the dream he had and his mother did not take him serious he was down and started to have doubts about him being the gifted one the community.

On his way to school Tsutsube met with someone old lady who had was sent by angels to come and rescue him from his doubts. The old lady called Tsutsube and he was surprised that the old lady called him so nice and he did not think that he was calling him. He want to the old lady and start greeting her with so much respect.

The old lady told Tsutsube to come to the park after school so they could continue with what the old lady wants to tell him. The old lady said “we will continue when you came back I don’t want to make you late for school.” Tsutsube then left wondering what the old lady wants to talk to him about. Tsutsube was ega to find out about what the old lady wants to tell him.

After school then arrived Tsutsube rushed home to go and change and do house chores so that he could rush to the park and meet with the old lady. Tsutsube arrived before the old lady could and he wanted till he became so impatient, and when he was about to loose hope about meeting with the old lady the old lady eventually appeared out of nowhere .

The old lady started with apologizing and stating the reasons of why she was late for their meeting, Without wasting much time she started questioning the boy about his dreams and Tsutsube was ega to know how the old lady knows about his dreams and who told her. He started asking the old lady questions before he could eventually answer the old lady.

Their conversation continued for more than hours and when the boy was about to leave the old lady told him to take his dreams serious as they could help and save life’s of people in his village. The old lady told him that whenever the boy wants to talk to her he should come to the park. The old lady after saying so , she just disappeared in just seconds. They boy was little scared as he also leaved the park.

On the boy way back to home the boy kept on questioning him self about his dreams. When Tsutsube arrived home he found his mother back from work and asked him questions regarding a dream he once dreamt about and told her about it. Her mother stared at him and did not say any word for a couple of minutes before she could answer him.

Tsutsube’s mom then said ” ooho that weird dream I remember.” Then Tsutsube was ega to know if it really happened or not . He asked his mother thousands of questions till her mother realize that Tsutsube will never drop this thing till he find the answer his looking for. Finally his mom confessed and Tsutsube started unpacking everything that old lady told him.

Tsutsube ate supper with his mom before he could go to bed. Tsutsube had a dream about something that could affect his community so badly. Tsutsube told his mother about that dream and his mom did believe him these time but didn’t know how he will help him about this matter. Tsutsube’s mom started telling people in the village about what is about to happen, but people choosed to undermine him since his different from them.

Tsutsube kept on having dreams about that issue. And his mom did not know what to say to him since people where ignorant. Tsutsube realized that the old lady once told him to came to the park whenever he wanted to talk. This time the old lady arrived before Tsutsube could arrive.When he arrives Tsutsube asked the old lady “why today she decided to arrive early than he thought?”. The old lady ignored that question and her response was ” I can’t let the cat out of the bag.”

Tsutsube then told the old lady that his having difficulty times convincing the people in the village more particularly the chief of the village. He told then let the cat of the bag as he told the old lady about the dream that is stressing him. The old lady then asked him so what kind of help do u need from me? He then told the old lady to visit the chief but unfortunately the old lady refused without spending a second in making that decision.

While their conversation was heading to the end the old lady told him to “break the leg”. He had back to the village before hitting back to his mother , he decided to pass by chiefs house. He found the chief sitting with his family and the chief told him to spill the beans fast as he’s about to have dinner with his family. Without wasting much of time the boy just got straight to the facts.

The boy told the chief about the drought that is about to happen in few days and the chief needs to store as much water as he could, to help the chief with his farming and live stocks. The Chief decided to be ignorant and told the boy how powerful he was. I am a chief if I can say let the rain rain for the week it will together with my priests. Then the boy didn’t say much and said I’m just a messenger it’s up to you to believe my message or ignore it.

The boy then had back home. The following day the boy organized a huge gathering in the park. The power of the park made people to leave their house and come to the park and listen to the boy. Then the boy briefed the community about what is about to happen, and it was now upon themselves to do what he advised them to do in other to survive or they would die out of thirst. Some had their own doubts, some gave him the benefit of the doubts.

Two days passed after the huge meeting In the park and some started to do so. He then went back to the chief to check if the chief indeed listened to his message or the chief diceded to be ignorant as he is. Then the chief wanted to prove his own power to this little boy and told his priest to organize a meeting for him and the people of the village.

The priest did so and people came in large numbers wondering what was the meeting all about. The chief, therefore told his people to stop listening to the boy as the boy wants to misslead his sheep’s. And told them that he will provide them with rain for a week. Then the boy interrupted the chiefs speech and told the people in the village ” to store the water from that rain as it will be their last water.”

The boy didn’t want to hear any further response from anyone. After saying that he turned his back and had back home to prepare to store that water. The chief laughed at the boy and started to chant his song for rain and it indeed rained. The chief also chant again for the rain to stop and indeed the rain stopped. “You see I’m powerful don’t tell me about that young naive boy he knows nothing!!!” Said the chief of the village.

The went back home and it started to rain for a week and some stored water and some didn’t. After a week of rain the sun started coming out so strong. The dam dried, every stream and lakes dried as the sun was extra hot. Everything became dry and the village experienced the drought that the boy have been warning them about. The chief started loosing everything his crops died and live stocks where dying daily.

The chief went to the boy and plead for help. He then promised the boy his chair after his chief days are over but the boy didn’t have any agenda of being a chief. Tsutsube went to the old lady and plead with the old lady for help. The old lady asked him if he’s willing to help them even thore they mistreated him? And the boy said,” yes never return a bad thing with a bad thing.” Then the old lady said in that case go back to the village and inform them about these again.

The boy went back to the village and organized a meeting and telling them that the will be rain for a day they need to store that water. People went back home and it started to rain again for a day. Suprise suprise the chief decided to be ignorant as he is always like that, and the chief showed that leopard never changes it’s spot cause he kept on undermining the gift of the little boy.