It is late the next day, Noni and her friends are coming home from study group at school. They are laughing and joking as they walk down the street together.

CEBI: Siki, did you go out with that new boyfriend of yours?

SIKI: Yes, what do you think? You know nje, that’s what I do best.

NONI: But Siki, you just met him last week.

SIKI: So? Look Noni, I am not here to change the world. Wake up and smell the aroma of brewing coffee. I enjoy life, I don’t take things seriously like you. Noni I really don’t mean to be rude, but why must I always stay at home listening to my mother…
(Mimicking her mother)
What are we going to eat tonight?
I wonder if your father will come home drunk today?
What am I going to wear to church tomorrow?
No, my friend, I am so DONE with that!

CEBI: Hey Noni, do you know what you can do?

NONI: What… tell me?

CEBI: Pray for us when we are partying with our boys. The competition is tough out there.

SIKI: Noni?

Noni is staring at a man coming towards them.

CEBI: Noni do you know that guy?

NONI: Yes… no guys… not like that. He is very old… how can you think… He is my sister’s friend. Sshh!

MLUNGISI: Hello girls.

GIRLS: Molo, bhuti.

SIKI: How are you bhuti?

MLUNGISI: I am fine. What are you doing out here so late, Noni?

NONI: We are from school. We were studying for our coming exams.

MLUNGISI: OK, Noni is your sister at home? I am on my way to see her.

NONI: Yes. When I left she was at home. We can go together. I will call her for you. See you tomorrow at school my friends.

CEBI: Just like that? But it’s OK, Noni. You learn very fast my friend.

Mlungisi and Noni walk towards the spaza shop together. Outside the shop Mlungisi puts his hand on Noni’s arm to stop her.

MLUNGISI: Let’s go into the shop. I want to buy something nice for your sister.

NONI: It’s fine, bhuti.

They go inside the shop and buy drinks, yoghurt and chocolate. When they come out the sun is beginning to set.

NONI: My sister is going to be very happy to see you. Oh, I forgot to even tell her about you…


A taxi stops just next to them. Mlungisi jumps in and pulls Noni in with him. He shuts the door before she has a chance to ask him where they are going.

MLUNGISI: Don’t be nervous. I just want to pop in somewhere quickly. I have something else I want to give your sister. A surprise…

Tell us: What do you think is going to happen?