The next day the school paper is distributed and Joseph is the headline. He scored the goal that won the team the match and he’s a hero. There’s a photo of him being carried by his team mates.

ATHI: Bra, you made the front page! Everyone’s talking about the match.

JOSEPH: Nobody reads the school newspaper. Plus, that goal was a fluke.

ATHI: What you talking about?

JOSEPH: Makhaya got injured and we were gonna forfeit the match so the coach only put me on to save face.

ATHI: And you scored a goal that won him the match.

JOSEPH: The ball wasn’t even being passed to me. I slipped and fell and accidentally scored.

ATHI: Who cares! All people know is that you’re the hero. Why would you not celebrate that?

JOSEPH: Because … it was a fluke.

ATHI: Joseph, man, nobody cares. Read what they wrote about you. Here, read. (shows Joseph the newspaper) They call you “The Silent Striker” coz you never talk to anyone. Wait, they don’t mention me here – you always talk to me.

JOSEPH: (laughing) Uhh, no, you always do the talking.

ATHI: A smile. Finally. See, you’are the strong silent type – sexy. Now all the honeys will be dying to be your date for the dance.

JOSEPH: Don’t talk nonsense. I think if you had a chance you would auction me off right now.

ATHI: Now you’re talking. Can we do it after school? I’ll get the word out …

LERATO: (walking up to the boys) Don’t you dare! Nobody’s auctioning anybody.

Both boys turn and are shocked to see her.

LERATO: (flirtatiously) Hi, Joseph.


LERATO: Really? Is that how you treat your friends – you just forget them? After we’ve been in the same class for so many years?

JOSEPH: Lerato, hi. How’ve you been?

LERATO: (teasing) Ooh, he knows me. I thought you’d forgotten me, now that you’re famous.

JOSEPH: Yeah – I mean, what? No, never.

LERATO: Great game yesterday.

JOSEPH: Did you watch it?

LERATO: What? No. I was at my hair appointment. But I hear it was great.


ATHI: So, what can we do you for, Lerato?

Lerato looks Athi up and down then pulls Joseph away with her.

LERATO: The dance is coming up on Friday. Got any plans?

Joseph is shocked and takes a while to respond.

LERATO: I was thinking … Since I dumped Keenan I’ve been saving myself for someone special with real potential. I think you might be the guy.


LERATO: We have such chemistry. Remember when we were kids and used to play together all the time? I think we should hang out more – maybe go to the dance.

JOSEPH: You mean … like … together?

LERATO: Yes, dummy. How else are we gonna hang if we’re not together?

JOSEPH: OK. Let me think about it.

LERATO: Great! So tomorrow you can show me what you’re wearing so we can coordinate outfits.

JOSEPH: I don’t have one.

LERATO: What? No!

JOSEPH: I wasn’t gonna go.

LERATO: Don’t worry, I’ll sort you out with a suit.

JOSEPH: You don’t have to.

LERATO: Oh please, I can’t have my date looking like … I’ll sort it out.

JOSEPH: Thanks.

LERATO: Let’s meet after school and talk about it. Bye! Come, girls!

Lerato walks off with her friends and Athi runs to Joseph.

JOSEPH: Dude, you won’t believe what just happened.

ATHI: You got a ton of women coming after you and now you don’t know who to choose?

JOSEPH: What? How? No! Not women – woman. One!

ATHI: Ooh, so the librarian said yes. I knew she couldn’t resist, not after you went viral on the school grounds. So what did the Ice Princess want?

JOSEPH: She wants to be my date for the dance.

ATHI: What? No way!

JOSEPH: Way, dude!

ATHI: I told you the honeys will be lining up to be with the Silent Striker.

JOSEPH: Yeah, she wants to meet up later and discuss things.

ATHI: Great, a contract. Oh, you’re so getting laid. I’m so jealous.

JOSEPH: Athi! We’re just gonna talk about outfits.

ATHI: Your terms are simple. She must kiss you, full on, in front of everyone. You gotta claim your prize and mark your territory.

JOSEPH: Shut up!

Joseph walks off and Athi follows.

ATHI: And then she must give you the goods.


Tell us: what advice would you give Joseph? Why?