Later that day Lerato finds Joseph at the school gates.

LERATO: There he is – the Man of the Moment.

JOSEPH: Lerato, hi.

LERATO: Let’s take a selfie.

They pose together as Lerato clicks away.

LAUREN: (looking on) Got ’em! Girl, you look hot.

LERATO: (looking at the pics) He’s not really smiling, but it’s fine. I look great! I’m gonna post that one.

Lerato turns to Joseph and shows him the pics.

LERATO: I’ve got two suits you can choose from. Now, mine is pistachio with a hint of sage. And I thought this suit with this shirt would go great with it.

Lerato shows him some pics of suits on her phone.

LERATO: What d’you think?

JOSEPH: Uuuhh … wow! That’s green!

LERATO: It’s emerald, not green. Or would you prefer the lime one? See?

JOSEPH: Uuuhh, they both look green to me. Either one will do.

LERATO: Great! Let’s do a fitting later this afternoon.

JOSEPH: Can’t, I’ve got soccer practice.

LERATO: You’ll have to miss it. The dance is this Friday and I have to look perfect.

JOSEPH: I don’t know … I …

Athi laughs.

LERATO: What are you laughing at!?


LERATO: (pulling Joseph to the side – but Athi can still hear them) Listen, I know he’s your friend, but you really need to let him go if this relationship is going to work.

JOSEPH: We’re in a relationship? I thought we were just going to the dance together.

LERATO: Yeah, and the whole school knows we’re together now.

Athi: (interrupting them) Joseph, we have to get to class, bro.

LERATO: (dismissively) What are you still doing here? Can’t you see we’re talking?

ATHI: (not impressed) Joseph?

JOSEPH: I’ll catch up with you, bro.

ATHI: You’ve crossed over to the dark side.

Athi walks away as the bell rings.

Tell us: do you agree – has Joseph ‘crossed to the dark side’?!