“I celebrate being a youth and a woman in a beautiful country like South Africa where all things are possible for those who apply focus and work harder towards achieving their dreams.”

Nyadzani Tharaga is one youth whose sense of humour, captivating voice and personality keep listeners’ ears glued to their radios, as she hosts some shows on Makhado FM. Her radio name is Bumbalicious and now everyone in the town calls her Bumbalicious.

“My dad used to call me tshibumba tshanga (my chubby one) and then I decided to spice it a bit by adding ‘licious’ (as in ‘delicious’) to make it sound stylish. So bumba means the ‘chubby one’ and with ‘licious’ to make ‘bumbalicious’ it is something else – it slips pleasantly into the listeners’ ears.”

Bumbalicious discovered her talent for communication and entertainment when she was growing up at Mpheni Block C outside Makhado in Limpopo, where she would record some clips of herself talking on her cellphone and send them to friends via WhatsApp.

“My friends’ response was heart-warming in that they encouraged me to either consider singing or doing a course in media studies, so that I could work for radio and as a master of ceremonies or motivational speaker since I have an amazing voice that is suited for a wide range of careers in the communications industry.”

So she enrolled for a business administration course at MSC Business College in Louis Trichardt and passed satisfactorily.

“I knew that I had a captivating voice. Public speaking comes to me with ease, just like rain falling softly from the sky. With a qualification in my bag, I was well equipped.”

She joined Makhado FM after her talent was noticed by the comedian, master of ceremonies and local DJ, Huli Hula Hulest, also known as Hulisani Mathivha.

“I started by presenting Gospel Avenue and I was later moved to Morning Connections. So far, I have managed to raise the listenership for my programme to the extent that even the management is satisfied with the manner in which I man my show.”

“Some people wake up in the middle of the night and do not get to sleep again. So, with Morning Connections, I keep them company until the sun rises. On my show, I play the kind of music that all people love; the kind of music that makes them feel comfortable and restful right in their beds until they get up.”

One lady who has really motivated Bumbalicious along her journey is Takalani Tshinesa.

“She is a strong-willed woman who does not hesitate to motivate and encourage fellow women to follow their dreams. The first time Takalani met me, she said that she saw a talented woman in me, and one who would go places because of her talent and determination.”

Bumbalicious is one woman who is happy to live in South Africa. She sees a lot of opportunities here to better one’s life.

“Whatever I need in life, if I pursue it, I know I will eventually get it – and that’s what I love most about my country,” she says.


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