There is nothing that beats passion – because one has to always be passionate about what you do or else you lose focus along the way. One young woman who knows that better than most is Mygirl Ramunenyiwa.

She is an excellent fashion designer who continues to cater for a wide range of clients, from weddings’ garments to individuals who also seek attire with personal taste. The textures of different fabrics, nylons and sewing machine needles are just another kind of language, which she uses to communicate with her soul.

“Working on my sewing machine is kind of spiritual to me. I approach this work of mine with great passion and love. I believe that my passion has helped me to open my own company, Mygirl’s Creations, where we specialise in fashion designs to suit the client’s requirements. We are innovative as well, though!”

At the age of 30, she has established herself in an industry which demands consistent self-marketing and needs satisfied clients to ensure the company’s existence.

“I first encountered fashion design at the tender age of 12 when my mother was doing a short course in dressmaking design. I would tag along to her school and play around with her sewing machine while she was busy. I did this even though I didn’t know how to operate it.”

At some stage, MyGirl’s mother taught her how to put beads on plain fabric to make eye-catching table clothes and miscellaneous cloth items, and they would sell them to people. She says her mother was a mentor who ensured her growth as a fashion designer.

“However, I had to forge my own path in the fashion world. Before that, I had studied and graduated with a qualification in office management and technology from the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. So, I enrolled for a course in marketing. I passed my N6 and later received a diploma in 2015. I graduated in fashion design from Vhembe TVET College.”

In between her studies, she has worked for two different fashion designers in Vhembe just to accumulate more work-related experience.

“I make different designs, but mostly I specialise in ladies’ wear. I love making dresses and maphepha hats.”

Mygirl is one of many young business people in Vhembe district who benefits from business exposure during the Youth Shine Business Expo sessions, hosted by VCC Music.

“Fashion Design is all about being creative. You also have to be good at drawing and be able to express your ideas in sketches, and you must also have good colour combination. If you manage to satisfy one client, that client will speak good about your work and other people will see your work on that client and start flocking to your studio to place orders.”

She is excited to live in South Africa at a time where youths are encouraged to seize business opportunities as a way of empowering themselves.

“Not all of us will manage to get employed by other people and work in those air-conditioned offices. So, it is always wise to keep trying stepping onto other avenues if you want to make it in life. In conclusion, I am happy with what I am doing with and in my life – which is fashion design.”