The first aspect which strikes any visitor or client to Collins Sebola Inc. offices is the kind of the reception which the staff give to clients. Their proficiency is always in the open for each client to feel and experience.

An accomplished accountant and CEO of the Collins Sebola Inc., Collins Sebola, has worked harder to set several milestones in a field which demands dedication and growth.

He recalls with clarity how, as a young boy growing up in the stony Madabani village, that he had wanted to study, qualify and practice as an accountant.

“If pursued, childhood dreams normally translate into wonders. We have grown from one main office in Makhado by branching out to Tshikombani (Nzhelele) and Giyani.”

He obtained his B Comm degree majoring in Accountancy (2003) from Unisa. In 2010, he started his own business, Collins Sebola Inc. and so far he has expanded business into three offices.

“Many youths are starting businesses and open up offices, only to shut down in the first and second year. Any business which needs to see the light of the day must try to avoid a situation where they will find themselves sinking in the quagmire of stagnancy. You need to grow as a business or else you are bound to shut down.”

He said that any business which doesn’t use failure to strategise and work out how to change and progress won’t get very far.

“That’s when we find many business ventures not growing and establishing themselves beyond the year on which it was launched.”

Even though Collins has so far attended countless accountancy seminars and reaped knowledge from the experts who walked the path before him, he says the journey of an accountant is one that does not have a destination.

“You learn every day. And your pleasure comes with the knowledge of having given the best of services to your client. At times each client has needs that are unique and you’ve got to do your best and meet those needs.”

Collins operates business in an industry which is highly regulated. Each accountancy company must render services that are in line with the professional code of conduct and also ensure that they are in compliance with the tax law and financial reporting standards set by the International Federation of Accountants.

“An accountant attends a lot of seminars and that’s where we incur financial strain as we travel and do accommodation and space bookings. Yes, seminars are an integral part of our profession as they create a platform for idea sharing, information exchanges and growth.”

Collins Sebola Inc. has created permanent employment for eleven persons. It has at least 32 agents on commission spread across Limpopo and Gauteng. “This also shows growth since we had only three employees in 2011,” he says.

The company was awarded the second prize in Enterprise Development and a cash prize during the Youth in Business Awards, which are annually hosted by the Vhembe District Municipality. As if that was not enough, Collins scooped first runner-up prize in the Eskom Business Investment Competition Award some years ago, adding to the business’ profile.

“The prize came with R75 000 cash amount. The awards are a good indication that, as Collins Sebola Inc and financial service providers, we are on the right track.”

Collins delights in providing services to his clients. He provides all accounting services such as bookkeeping and write-up, preparation for financial statements, audits (independent reviews for various business types) and compilations. They also provide technology planning and budgeting, and accounting software.

“Our firm provides tailored support as a trusted business partner in the development and management of accounting for small and medium sized businesses, individuals, schools, churches and other non-profit companies.

“We have established a well-known brand which the public identifies with.”