You may recognise Melody Miya from the SABC 1 show, Daily Thetha. Melody has always had a love and passion for speaking and had big dreams from an early age. Despite his challenges and even being bullied at school, he used what people made fun of to his advantage.

Growing up

Melody’s parents separated in his teen years. He is one of six siblings between his mother and father. Melody explains how his parents were always on a hustle: “My parents have never been employed since I was born. They have always been in the world of business, I’ve learnt to live life on the go.”

This business hustle was instilled in him at a young age as well. “From the age of six, I was already working my first shop in a tuck shop. This taught me positivity and good work ethics that would later help me in life.”

Overcoming life’s challenges

Although Melody now has a good relationship with his mother, he expresses how when he was younger words hurt him.

“My mom once said to me that she wished she never gave birth to me,” he says, reflecting, “My brother would always say I was irritating. As I grew up it made me always doubt myself.”

It was this self-doubt that gave birth to suicidal thoughts.

“I never thought I was worthy or good enough. I didn’t believe in myself and who I could become, because of what people used to say to me.”

Melody also got bullied in school and people would make fun of his mouth, calling him “big mouth”. His self-confidence took a knock. However, he now makes a living out of that very same thing that people mocked him for.

Like any other person would, he still has his fair share of doubts that still creep in. But the difference is now he knows how to handle those thoughts.

“I overcame that self-doubt. Sometimes I do question am I good enough to be on TV, am I good enough to speak to speak to 80 000 people in one stadium, am I good enough to be on radio?”

“I went through a lot of suicidal thoughts as a teenager. I didn’t see my life as valuable. Now I deal with identity, stuff I dodged as a kid, I deal with today, the storyline has shifted.”

Melody uses his story of bullying to motivate children in schools.

“Never let people impose their opinions on you, and you end up owning it. It’s your responsibility that you own what you think. Today, they will laugh at you for wearing torn overalls, tomorrow when you’re the boss they’ll praise you. Do what you need to do.”

Melody’s influences

Melody explains how his father was not always there after the separation but when they connected, he really impacted his life and shaped the way he sees life and his values.

“My dad is the biggest part of me, my dad hand crafts my thinking – ambition, talents and I look like him.”

Since a young age, his father enforced the importance of education and that is what birthed his love for education today.

“I spent a lot of time in the library, avoiding the violence in the community.”

Melody’s many ventures

“10 years ago, I was studying 18 modules while working four jobs. I had to keep myself busy, because I needed the money…and to stay out of trouble! It is amazing that that busy lifestyle would prepare me for 10 years later, where I am balancing so many things at once.”

Melody is currently a radio personality for Radio 947, midnights Saturday to Sunday.

“Seek your purpose and you’ll find your riches.”

He wasn’t always in the entertainment business. In fact, he worked for a multinational pharmaceutical company earning a good solid amount of money each month, with car allowance. At a young age that was stability. However, he wasn’t happy.

“I was very fortunate to have this job, but I hated it. I then quit and got into radio and I never stopped speaking life into people.”

Melody is also the MC for Orlando Pirates, and the new host for the SABC 1 show, Daily Thetha which airs Monday to Thursday at 10:30am – 11:30am. The show focuses on inspiring the youth, educational issues and various issues that affect their lives. Through an open studio this includes debates and expert opinions.

His business family blood still runs deep, as he owns and runs two companies, including an NPO. One is Conquer MIH (Pty) Ltd., which is a fusion of education and entertainment from store activations, grand store openings and conceptualising seminars for clients.

Words of advice:

“The most important investment is to invest in yourself. You have the opportunity to showcase who you truly are in terms of abilities. Be intentional. Where you come from is not your fault, but it’s about where you end up.”

He also ends off with the importance of having a vision for your life:

“When your vision is strong enough for your life, the day you feel weak, that vision will tell you that you are worth this path. Too many people are relaxed and calm. Our generation has choices. Our parents didn’t have choices. We live in an age where we can be anything.”


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