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Tamica I need you're help trying to put my pictures onto my story
Ariana grande Blonde❤️ · 12 months ago
Mmmmh great but you suck girl
Lia Moray · a year ago
I love Tamica Mopp she is my role model I especially love her girl talks ♥️
Milisa Ntunzi · a year ago
Guys to be honest I really like Tamica Mopp especially on the Girl Talks there are so interesting but what a big but we need more stories and more stuff💖💖
Nqobile Zondo · 2 years ago
Absolutely love your writings 😘😘😘💋💓💓💓💓💓
Ayola Siganga · 2 years ago
Hey Tamica I would like to speak to u .where can I find you on social media? Its very important please.
Buyisene Nyalunga · 2 years ago
I Love your writtings😍😍
Unathi99 · 2 years ago
So beautiful 😊😊I love your stories
Icey Princess lll · 2 years ago
Like your stories
Peteraakomba · 2 years ago
sphuwa · 2 years ago
Love u for ever❤❤❤❤❤❤
milisa10 · 2 years ago
I can't wait to read more oh and I now promise to drink rooibos tea😂☕
Ariana rose · 2 years ago
Hey I love your stories especially red flags in a relationship tbh I have the same problem
A.J · 2 years ago
You awesome❤
Ashleymaake · 2 years ago
You are a good inspiration
Kunny · 2 years ago
Love u girl😘😘😘😘😍
Juju_Lamaey · 2 years ago
Wow my grandma is so in love with, (when home isn't safe)
Ariana rose · 2 years ago
Daing girl so many books can't wait to read dem all 😋
Kiki Inoshi · 2 years ago
💖💝You rock 💖💝go girl
Saadiqa · 2 years ago
Lol you So cool and awesome keep it up girl you rock Tamica Mopp 💝💝
Saadiqa · 2 years ago
LOL you've got talent girl I wish I was your BEST FRIEND FOREVER (BFF). 💖💖I really would want to know you better ♥️💌💝. Go girl. You rock and go ff the hook so cool Tamica
Saadiqa · 2 years ago
OMG!!😎😎 GIRL U GOT TALENT.🤩🤩💗 Keep up the good work. I am eager to read all of ur books. You are a rock. Luv💖💖 u. I wish I was your friend . I wish I can know u😊😊😉😍🤗😘😚☺️
Juju_Lamaey · 2 years ago
Love you Tamica❤❤😍😍♡♡♡!!!! Keep on writing and inspiring us queen. God bless and lots of love!! I wish I was your friend ps.Amanda!
AmandaMandy · 2 years ago
Oh my gosh, u have a lot of books,can't wait to read them
Tchouandemnoubissi5 · 2 years ago
Tamica Mopp I am your #No. 1 fan and I have been reading your books like since FOREVER and it is so inspiring I love your books Tamica Mopp
Saadiqa · 2 years ago
Hi Tamica Mopp you inspire me with your stories and I want to be like u and I get inspired by your books, it is hard to be an author by making books but you inspire me with all your books 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Saadiqa · 2 years ago
Hi Tamica I'm @unigirl19 this is my new account 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Marinatte Dupain chang · 2 years ago
She is theeeeee best writer guys#Tamica is the best❤️❤️
Lesedi Lesih · 3 years ago
I love your stories I'm a big fan of you 🦋 I cannot stop reading I just love it !!!🦋🦋
It's yo girl · 3 years ago
I can't stop reading 😆I am your first fan
Unigirl19 · 3 years ago
I really love your writing skills Tamica you are so talented keep it up girl😄😘🤗🤩❤❤❤
SisQueen · 3 years ago
#your number one fan :) :) :) :)
princess#24 · 3 years ago
Thank you have made my year and Thank you again you made me feel special and god bless you 10'0000000000000 times
unigirl19 · 3 years ago
Hi @unigirl19, thank you so much for your comment! Wow I am so happy to hear that, I can't wait to read your stories. You are going to be such a great and beautiful success to others around, just don't ever give up. God bless you too :)
Tamica Mopp · 3 years ago
I am definitely going to checkout your blog
unigirl19 · 3 years ago
I am nine as well I am not new on Fundza but I am new on being a commenter and starting to be both an author and illustrater because I am in love drawing and inspired by tamica mopp to write
unigirl19 · 3 years ago
Hi tamica mopp I am your all time fan I love your books you have inspired me I am going to make my own books now because of your great inspiring.p.s.Send lots of blessings to you and your family :-D :-)
unigirl19 · 3 years ago
when home isn't safe it's my favorite book and my other favorite book is talia in love🦄
Dhalia2 · 3 years ago
Love ur books especially When home isn't safe i luv u u are my inspiration #Girl power
Nick cannon · 3 years ago
Love it
Bless boy · 3 years ago
I really love the When Home Isn't Safe)story🤩🤩😘
Sisiiey · 3 years ago
Can't wait to start reading ur story hahaha......
Kata Lia · 3 years ago
No problem kate lia😍always happy to help🤗
Dhalia · 3 years ago
OK I will try it thanks Dhalia.
Kata Lia · 3 years ago
Hi kata lia yes i think you still write your storys. Just fundza on watsapp
Dhalia · 3 years ago
I'm from Liberia
Kata Lia · 3 years ago
What if am not from south Africa can I write my stories and send it?how?? Please I need help
Kata Lia · 3 years ago
One day I'd like you to read a book of my own ❤ lots of love Tamica and fans☺
Dhalia · 3 years ago
Hi Tamica so sorry for any wrong spelling🤭really appreciate you reading my comments you really inspire me in every way and i think of you as a role model to me and all your fans😍you encourage me to one day write i book of my own but for now I'll your books to get inspiration when writing my own. May god bless you🙏
Dhalia · 3 years ago
Thank you for the comments guys, I do read each and every one of it. You are all awesome and special! @Dhalia, thank you for the kind words, God bless you too! @Fificopper, what is stopping you? Send in your stories to Fundza, we'd love to read it :)
Tamica Mopp · 3 years ago
Hi Tamica thank you so much for reading my comment ❤ you really are one of a kind. You made me feel so special by writing back to me❤. So sorry for repelling so late. I hope you get this message. May god grant all your heart's desires and wishes and may the good god bless. Good luck and best wishes. I send out my love to you and all your fans❤
Dhalia · 3 years ago
Hi Tamica i red comment the were you inculded me i know that i repiled really late sorry about that but by reading my comment and and wrighting back to me really made me feel special❤ thank you so much Tamica you are an inspiration to me i feel so special right now🤩i really love the book when home isn't safe it's my favorite book and i will one day wright a book of my own your books are really special i wish you the best of luck on all your wishes may god bless you🙏 I LOVE TAMICA MOPP❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Dhalia · 3 years ago
A unique soul who has a true passion for both writing and inspiring others. A special combination that this world needs. Your kindness and love is expressed throughout your stories and can be felt with each word. Never stop writing kiddo. :) ~Dylan **********
Dwank_A_Doodle · 3 years ago
Thankyou for all your story i like to read and some day soon you will able to read my story
Fificopper · 3 years ago
I love your writing
Debbie1 · 3 years ago
I wish one day u can find time and write about me💓
Tedashi · 3 years ago
Thank you all for your beautiful comments. To Tamsyn Dhalia Phillips, please do follow that dream of yours to write. I can't wait to see a story written by you one day! Much love
Tamica Mopp · 3 years ago
Wow gl so many n i lv them all
Thandeka Mdabe · 3 years ago
God bless you tamica you are an inspiretion to me my name is tamsyn dhalia Phillips and I'm also into writing I'm 11years and i love reading
Dhalia · 3 years ago
Ur book is so different from others🤗. And l hope lt inspires other men to stop GBV let's put a stop to this once and for all
Zea · 3 years ago
Tamica you are so talented ! I wished you can write a book of my life🤐 . hehehe ☺️ May God bless you 🙏 and I wish you a Brighter future for u in Jesus name 🙏🤗🌼
Sharon G Solomon · 3 years ago
Love you and God bless you🤗😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘and keep it up with your books I would like to read more🤗😁😀😚
CjBezuty · 3 years ago
Very interesting stories u are a STAR
Sthembelo · 3 years ago
Coaching lifestyle of success
Mr QJMK · 4 years ago
Very nice stories
Saraline · 4 years ago