Margo Liebenberg grew up as an only child and had big dreams of becoming a performing artist. Today she gets to live out those dreams. It wasn’t always easy for her as she explains how her childhood wasn’t always sunshine and roses and that she did not grow up wealthy, despite many believing she was spoilt.

“I am an only child and naturally people would think I was spoiled. I don’t come from a wealthy background. My father worked for many years at low paying jobs for ridiculous hours, but I am still extremely fortunate to have gone to a good school and lived in a relatively safe area for most of my life.”

She explains how growing up how she struggled to have a good relationship with her parents.

“I would feel guilty asking my parents for help when it came to school. During my college years, my parents would often complain about my school fees. This caused me to feel guilty most of the time. It would also result in many arguments as these feelings of guilt caused a build-up of anger I had for many years. I struggled to deal with my emotions and to understand my parents.”

She explains how she coped with these emotions, by doing emotion code sessions, which are designed to heart-wall trapped emotions and correct other imbalances in the body, by addressing physical and emotional issues.

“I wanted to stop feeling that way (angry and guilty) so I decided to talk about it more. I started doing emotion code sessions, which helped me release unprocessed, unfelt feelings that I pushed down. That was one of the most liberating and releasing things I could’ve done for my life. It allowed me to be more confident in myself and look at situations more logically.”

Margo currently belongs to an agency called Authentik, which is a talent agency for actors. She studied at the Waterfront Theatre School and is now a professional dance teacher.

“Currently I belong to an agency called Authentik. I am also working as a dance teacher at Nikki Jacob’s Dance Academy. I teach, Hip Hop, Tap and Modern for ages 6 – 13. I have also taken on a short High Intensity training course.”

Margo finds her inspiration in people and daily situations she finds herself in, but she mentions two specific people who inspire her:

“I would firstly say my mother. She has taught me without realising that, you can still keep going despite the trials and tribulations in life. Secondly, Karina Elle Lisenbee whom I’ve looked up to ever since I started delving into fitness. She’s an athlete whose mantra is always feeling good on the inside first before taking on anything else.”

Margo explains that the life of an entertainer is not as easy as people think it is:

“It takes a different kind of mental strength to push through hours of rehearsals every day. We also have to take really good care of our bodies, as the demand of the industry requires a lot of physical and mental force.”

When asked where she sees herself in the next 10 years, she envisions starting her own business and giving back to the community:

“I picture myself owning my very own dance school. I want to give back to underprivileged communities with what I’ve learned from my dance background. I see myself creating platforms and organizations using performing arts to help young people reach for their goals. I’d also like to help my parents into a stable and enjoyable retirement.”

Margo’s words of advice for anyone wanting to go into the performing arts industry:

“Keep working on yourself while the industry keeps changing, be adaptable. It’ll only make you stronger. Keep working even in it’s a small project. Surround yourself with like – minded, supportive people. It is good for your mental wellbeing. It is so easy to become discouraged working in the performing arts. So, remind yourself of your passion and drive and keep going, it will pay off.”


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