She took her drink to  a table in the corner where they guys couldn’t watch her and she couldn’t hear their comments. Soon her second Coke  would be finished , and she didn’t have money for another one. She would have to leave. It would have all been a stupid waste of time.  Just as she was drinking the last sip the bartender called out, “Hey, guess who’s here!” to his friend, Khanya. Thumi turned around  to see who had just come in.

There he was, standing in the doorway. He was tall and so handsome in his jeans and denim jacket. It took her breath away. She thought of how the girls at school fought to just get close to him. K…it was so romantic.  He waved and laughed at the bartender. He was so cool and he had come here just for her. He had picked her out in the crowd. He had been waving at her at the soccer game.  He had noticed her.  She watched as he got his cellphone out of the back pocket of his jeans.  He turned towards the bar and punched the numbers on the screen. Then held the phone up and waited.

Her phone rang . It was him. She took it out of her pocket and answered.


“Hey Khosi,” his voice was soft and silky. “I’m at Jake’s where are you? Didn’t you get my sms?”

Thumi couldn’t answer… she just sat there feeling sick. She didn’t understand. Why was he calling her Khosi? Was this a joke? Well, it wasn’t funny. Not one bit.  She switched the phone off and pushed it away from her on the table. Katlego was texting a message when Thumi heard a cellphone ringing – this time from her bag. In that moment she knew what had happened. Khosi had left her phone in her bag when she went to play netball. Thumi had picked up the wrong phone on the taxi, thinking it was hers. They were identical after all. The ringing in her bag, stopped then started again. When she answered she heard a familiar voice, Khosi still sounded upset, “Hi Thumi, listen girlfriend, where are you. I really need to borrow your phone. I’m using my mom’s but I need to call my boyfriend, it’s urgent…”  But instead of answering Thumi cut her friend off.  “What a mix up” she thought. Then. “What a fortunate mix up!”  She put the two cellphones back in her bag, just in time. Katlego had finished texting and had walked into the tavern. He was looking straight at her. She waved. He smiled and waved back. Then he came across the tavern  towards her.  Thumi didn’t think about Khosi all she thought about was the handsome guy who was about to ask her what she was doing here alone in Jake’s. Thumi and Katlego sitting in a tree..K ….I SSING!