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She's such an amazing soul honestly ...and her work is captivating abd educational! Ros is my superhero!
Mandlenkosi Ncube · a year ago
The one I love most is who is k
Kgopotso Mohlala · a year ago
For me is sugar dady
Evah Ngobeni · 2 years ago
I loved broken promises
Theecrazygloria · 3 years ago
Rosamund Haden,l love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was your book,Finders keepers,about Lufuno and Mandla that made me love reading so much.You are amazing
Catherine %-%:;;!!!!! · 4 years ago
Ready for the course.
Abraham P. Wonta, Jr. · 8 years ago
broken promises, so much educative i intend to suprise my 14yr old daughter with this wonderful book as a precious gift to her.
daniel munge · 8 years ago
sbahle · 9 years ago
What's the point of posting a book here, but there are no chapters to access. Useless :o(
dilshad · 9 years ago
nelisa9210 · 10 years ago
Sugar dady is strong
Lulu · 10 years ago
Ros, you are an inspiration!
SbuCie.Com · 10 years ago
Love ur stories(F)
cc00ff*..(F)WaRrIoR+pRiNcEsS(F)* · 10 years ago