The next week, Wani spoke to her father about the idea of having a small Valentine’s Day party at their home. Mr Tongo looked at his daughter with a puzzled expression. Was this the same girl who was talking about getting top marks this year? Was her head still in the right place?

“It can be a pool party and we can have a braai under the lapa and I’ll tell the girls to each invite a date, and we can decorate the lapa with red streamers and cut out hearts,” Wani babbled enthusiastically.

Mr Tongo smiled. “That’s very generous of you, my girl. Let me think about it.”

“I’ve already told all my friends!”

Mr Tongo was taken aback. “How many friends?”

“Only about twenty – my closest friends from school.”

“That’s twenty times two for dates included,” Mr Tongo said, then shook his head in resignation. “All right my child, but no underage drinking. That means no drinking… and no dates that are out of school. Forty is the maximum number of people I’m allowing on the property!”

“It’s a deal,” said Wani.

The messages began to spread like wildfire: “Wani’s having a party!” It was the first time since her mother’s death that Wani had planned a party and she convinced her father that the timing was good this time of year, since her own birthday was inconveniently on Christmas Eve, and the academic year had not officially kicked off.

Chantal and Lisa forgave Wani for the times that she’d stood them up and they started planning the party with her, down to the finest details, from the DJ’s who would be spinning tunes by Nicky Minaj and Chris Brown (and Drake for slow songs!) to the red velvet cake that they’d be getting Lisa’s Mom to make.

The blue-eyed-and-blonde Robert Taylor was going to be Wani’s date. Since they would also be braaing Auntie Refentswe could have another chance to show off her pap-making skills to Wani’s friends. Wani’s five-year-old brother was excited about the party, but her older brothers disapproved. However, Mr Tongo agreed that if this party went well and everyone behaved he would allow the boys to have parties of their own at the house.

Wani meanwhile had a big surprise planned for the party. This was going to be her big day, and she wanted to do something that she’d never done before. She wanted to shock her friends a little bit: add some spice into all of their lives.


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