“Forgive me for being forward, Mbali, but there is something I feel about you,” said Sanele, a few seconds after he had parked at the gate of Mbali’s place.

“What is it you feel?”

“I want to shelter you from all the ills of this world. I want to keep you as pure and innocent as you are.”

“Who said I’m innocent?”

“I don’t need to be told when there is an angel in front of me. I just feel it. If you have never seen the angel in you…” Sanele took a moment searching for the right words. His voice was serious as he said, “Please allow me to introduce you to the angel hidden within you.”

Confusion filled Mbali’s beautiful face.

“As I said before, forgive me if I’m being forward but I can’t help it. I’m confused by people who dig deep into the belly of the earth looking for gold. They don’t know that the only worthy gold is this beautiful woman from Msinga sitting next to me.”

Mbali let out a sharp laugh. “You are mocking me now, Sanele.”

Sanele’s voice took an even more serious tone. “I’m thinking of beautiful things to compare you with, but I’m drawing a blank, because they all take after you. You are the original and they all resemble you. All beautiful flowers and their sweet scents all wish they were as beautiful as you.”

Mbali didn’t say anything, but in the silence she was slowly being taken by Sanele’s sweet words.

“Beautiful princess, I blame my own mouth for failing to utter in detail and make you understand the love that I feel pumping in my heart for you.”

Mbali blushed. She was amazed by this deep conversation from what she thought was just a casual encounter at the store.

“I’d be beyond happy and thankful if in my garden I could plant a flower as beautiful as you. But I can’t say I love you because that phrase is used lightly by men who want to use women. What I will say is that I will protect your heart with all the power that I have, because anything that hurts your heart will have to go through me first.”

“Forgive me, but I came all the way from Msinga to study here. Give me some time so I can finish my studies, then we can talk,” said Mbali.

“I totally agree. But I think we have to pass this matter on to the elders, so they can help us find a way. I believe you are still under the guardianship of your parents. Your father is the head of your family?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Please allow me to speak to your father, but through my uncles, beautiful princess.”

Mbali was as taken as most women when they heard Sanele’s sweet promise of marriage. She considered Sanele’s well-built body, his expensive clothes, his spicy cologne, and the beautiful German machine that they were sitting in. She could definitely picture getting married to Sanele. But she quickly let go of that thought. Her pride wouldn’t let Sanele win so easily.

“I hear you but I’m also not a child now. I can make my own decisions.”

“So in other words you control your life?”

“No, I’m not saying that. I’d be insulting my father if I said that.”

Sanele cracked a smile. “So you and I are in agreement. If I were outside, on the ground, I’d break into a dance knowing that my future generations will cuddle in your arms.”

“No, Sanele, I’m not saying that but—”

“Let us leave it at that. This will be discussed by the elders because it is above us,” said Sanele.

It was evident Mbali was slowly being won over by Sanele. She didn’t expect him to come on so strong. They exchanged numbers.

“I’m sure at home they are wondering when they will get what they sent you to buy,” said Mbali.

“What I was sent to buy? What things are those? Sent by whom?” Sanele asked.

“Those spices and meat you bought at the store. Weren’t you sent to buy those?”

He quickly thought of a lie to cover his lies. “When I look at you everything else stops. Do you blame me for forgetting what I was sent to buy? Please don’t blame me, my future wife.”

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