Sanele first met Mbali while he was chilling with his friends at a car wash in Madadeni. It was, by all accounts, a beautiful sunny day.

Mbali looked angelic as she passed the car wash. Her tight T-shirt, skinny jeans and All Star sneakers were all white in colour. Her light complexion and white attire made her look heavenly.

“That is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” said Sanele.

“Many guys have tried to get close to her but they have all failed,” said one of Sanele’s friends.

“You don’t say. I need to get my shot. I want her,” said Sanele.

“You can try but that is one stubborn woman. She knows she is beautiful. She will talk to you but let you down easy when you start talking about love. She is adamant she came to Majuba FET to get an education and nothing else,” said another friend.

Sanele followed Mbali on foot. He kept a distance between them as he watched her enter the supermarket. He followed her inside the supermarket until he couldn’t contain himself. He crept next to her.

“I’m sorry to bother you, beautiful lady, but I’m in trouble here. I was sent to buy spices but I don’t know which is which,” said Sanele.

“Wow! When you agreed to come here, who did you think would help you?” Mbali asked.

Sanele smiled. “Well, to tell you the truth, I thought buying spices would not be this hard,” said Sanele.

“Fine, tell me the names of the spices you want so I can help you.”

Sanele’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Mbali let her guard down. He mumbled a few spice names, which made Mbali realise that Sanele really didn’t know what he was looking for. She helped him to get the familiar spices. But some of the names he uttered were not of any spices in the store and none that Mbali had ever heard of.

“What were you going to do if I didn’t help you?” asked Mbali.

“I was going to find someone else to embarrass myself in front of. Maybe someone who works here. Thank you for your help,” said Sanele.

Mbali picked up a few things and joined the queue. Sanele crept up next to her again.

“Can I put my basket in your trolley please? I need to add a few other things,” said Sanele. He dashed off before she could answer. Sanele added meat and other groceries. He went back to Mbali as she was about to reach the cashier.

“Thank you for your help, beautiful lady,” said Sanele.

“It’s not a problem at all,” said Mbali.

Sanele offered to pay for her groceries. Before Mbali could protest, he said, “It’s just me showing appreciation for you help. Nothing more than that.”

“Thanks,” said Mbali.

They left the supermarket together.

“I didn’t get your name, beautiful lady,” said Sanele.

“Mbali Hadebe. Home is in Msinga; I study at Majuba FET.”

“I’m Sanele Mkhize, I stay at Section 5. Pleased to meet you.”

They walked together until they reached the car wash.

“Can I please take you home? The boys have finished washing my car, you have helped me a lot and your groceries are heavy. It won’t sit well with me to not give you a lift home in this hot weather with these heavy groceries after you have helped me so much.”

“That’s not necessary. You have also helped me a lot.”

“No ways! I insist. My mother would be mad at me if she found out I was not helpful to someone who was helpful to me. It would be like spitting on all the life lessons she taught me. Please help me, Mbali. Help me put my conscience at ease. Let me give you a lift home,” said Sanele.

They looked into each other’s eyes. Mbali finally agreed to Sanele’s request. She was startled when one of the guys at the car wash stopped a blue BMW 540i xDrive in front of them, and gave Sanele the keys.

Tell us: What do you think will happen next? Would you have got into the car if you were in Mbali’s shoes? Why or why not?