The Maths test didn’t go well for Babalo; she just passed and Lerato got her usual ‘A’. Babalo was furious. At break time she looked for Lerato then waved her Maths exam paper at her.

“You didn’t teach me properly,” she complained crossly.

“You didn’t do the final studying because you were too busy flirting with Andile!”

“You didn’t keep your half of the deal. I helped you get a boy, but I haven’t got better marks!” shouted Babalo and she strode off across the quadrangle.

Just then she saw Andile.

“Hi Andile,” said Babalo flirtatiously. “You see those boys over there?” she continued, pointing to a group of boys who were watching them. “They are just wishing I would talk to them, but I’m talking to you.”

Andile looked up at the boys, usually the guys most popular with the girls. Babalo was right, they were watching them.

“So today is your lucky day…get out your cellphone. I’m going to give you my number.”

“OK…” said Andile, taken aback. He fumbled in his pocket, as Babalo began to rattle off her number.

“SMS me sometime. Maybe we can go out to the Starlight. It will be fun. Bye!” And with a flick of her head, she strode across the quadrangle.

The four boys came up to Andile.

“Did Babalo Chabalala just give you her number?”

“Yip,” said Andile.

“Wow, man, you are the luckiest guy. You gotta call her.”

“Maybe,” replied Andile.

“What do you mean maybe? Everyone wants to go out with her.”

“Maybe,” repeated Andile. “I’ll see.”

In the weeks that followed, Babalo continued to pursue Andile with text messages, phone calls, and flirtations at school when her sister was not around. All his friends told him how lucky he was getting attention from the girl they all dreamed of dating. Andile was conflicted, because he really liked Lerato, and wanted her as his girlfriend, but he was flattered by all the attention Babalo was giving him.

He felt guilty each time he was with Lerato for their usual runs and dates. He dared not tell her what her sister was up to. Yet he could not put a stop to it – he was too flattered.

Then one Saturday night, Andile was hanging out with his friends Ben, Sipho and Xolisa. He really wanted to go out with Lerato but she was at home studying for a Science exam.

“Text Babalo and ask her to come with us to the Starlight tonight,” said Ben.

“Nah, I’m not that keen on her. I really like her sister,” replied Andile.

“How can you not like Babalo? Every guy in school would kill to go out with her. She keeps flirting with you and you ignore her,” said Ben, amazed.

“He’s right. How can you let this one get away? Come on, call her,” added Sipho.

“Call her man,” piped in Xolisa.

Soon all three boys were chanting: “Call her! Call her! Call her!”

“OK, OK. Shut up!”

Andile took his phone out of his pocket. He wrote:

Wanna meet us at Starlight 9pm?

Soon the reply beeped:

Sure! C u der!

“Get showered dudes. We’re going out,” said Andile.

Babalo arrived at the club with two friends. She was wearing Lerato’s black spandex dress, but accessorised with fishnet stockings and sparkly candelabra earrings. Andile recognised it as the dress that Lerato wore on their first date. Babalo looked sexy in it, as it clung to her shapely bum and thighs.

“Like it?” said Babalo, turning around and modelling the dress.

“Yes, but I like it on your sister too,” said Andile wistfully.

“Come on, lighten up,” said Babalo. “Ben, get this boy a drink.”

Soon, the guys were all drinking beers. And after a couple of bottles they were falling around the dance floor.

“Get her to kiss you,” said Xolisa.

“Yes, get her to kiss you,” slurred Ben.

“Then I’ll take a picture and post it on Facebook. You’ll be the stud of the school,” added Sipho.

“Hmm…I don’t know…” said Andile.

The boys pulled Andile into a huddle on the dance floor. “Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” they chanted quietly.

“OK, OK. Shut up – she’ll hear you,” replied Andile.

He swaggered across the dance floor, and put his arms around Babalo’s waist. Sipho immediately took out his phone. Babalo and Andile did some sexy salsa-style dance moves then Andile leant forward to kiss her. Babalo didn’t resist, and at that moment, Sipho snapped a photo.

“This club’s got wireless internet. We can post it now.”

A minute later the picture was on Facebook.


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