Fast forward to the next morning…

Thando wakes me up with an sms…

Cant w8 2 c u agn …

It makes my heart bounce in my chest. We’ve been going out for 14 hours already! It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had! I am counting from the moment Nosipho asked me to sit next to her in the taxi. In fact at 4 pm today we can celebrate our 24 hour anniversary! Maybe I should buy her a chocolate at the tuck shop for the occasion.

Cant w8 2 c yr cute smile … I reply.

I am officially in love.

On the taxi on the way to school Nosipho holds my hand. I am in heaven! And when we get off the taxi to walk through the school gates I put my arm around her shoulder. She’s my girl. As I pass Dumi he gives me the thumbs up and does a whole lot of crazy stuff with his eyebrows. Everyone just stops and stares. They can’t believe that I have got a girlfriend!

Then I see them coming down the passage towards us, Phatokazi with Petunia by her side. They don’t look happy for me. In fact Petunia looks like a storm cloud. Then Phatokazi, who has not so much looked in my direction before, suddenly puts on this smile and does this fashion model strut towards us. Well I should say towards me, because she completely ignores Nosipho, like she doesn’t exist. She stops right in front of us with her hand on her hip and giggles flirtatiously. Then she runs one very long, very pink nail down my cheek.

“Did I ever tell you how cute you are?” she says and flutters her eyelashes. She’s not going to give up. Girls like her have to have the guys running around them at all times. She will do whatever she can to split me and Nosipho up. And I can’t believe it. She wants me now! I This sexy girl who can have anyone she wants has decided she wants me!

I feel Nosipho’s body tense next to me. Everyone is watching now. They are standing in a circle around us. Dumi’s eyebrows have gone crazy. They are all watching.

Now I have a girlfriend Phatokazi wants me and I know she thinks that all she has to do is wink and I will be hers. But suddenly she doesn’t looks so attractive anymore. In fact I don’t feel anything for her. It’s like I can see her heart, and it isn’t pretty. All I feel is Nosipho’s warm body next to me – and it feels right.

“Sorry, I have a girlfriend, if you hadn’t noticed,” I say looking her straight in the eye. “Come, Nosipho, let’s go.” We walk straight past them.

“You better watch out for me,” Petunia hisses as we walk past.

Nosipho has the biggest smile on her face. I can’t wait for 4 pm – our 24 hour anniversary!


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