Isaac Modise’s clients were always emotional. In his line of work, he expected it. By the time clients made an appointment with Isaac, their lives were usually upside-down and chaotic.

Some clients were upset and tearful; some were confused and afraid; some were a little too crazy with excitement.

Usually Isaac followed his father’s advice. His father had done this same work for many years. “Keep your distance, son. Be professional. Never get emotionally involved.”

But not this time! Not with today’s client: Ms Naledi Tangane!

For one thing, Ms Naledi Tangane was beautiful. For another thing, Ms Tangane was sobbing her eyes out while she spoke.

“But Mr Modise, what if I’m making a terrible mistake?” she wailed. “What if I’m messing up my little daughter’s life? What should I do?” Tears ran down her lovely smooth cheeks.

Isaac’s father always warned him: “Don’t offer advice. That is not part of your job.”

So Isaac handed Ms Tangane a clean white handkerchief. He said gently, “Only you can judge. Only you know what is best for you and your daughter.” He longed to put his arms around her and tell her everything would be all right. But that was a total no-no! His Dad would have a fit!

So instead Isaac tried to cheer her up. “If this turns out to be the wrong decision, there are always ways to reverse it. And I will be there to help you through.”

Isaac understood her problem completely. Ms Tangane had explained that she had moved to another part of the city. She had needed to get far away from her bullying ex-boyfriend. He had been harassing her.

But moving meant she had left all her friends, her kind neighbours, taken her little daughter out of the crèche where the little girl was happy and secure.

No wonder she felt torn apart! Poor, lovely, Ms Tangane! Poor lovely Naledi!

Isaac’s work day was over now. He sat in his lounge, sipping coffee, trying to relax. But he couldn’t get Ms Tangane out of his mind.

“Stop it!” he told himself aloud in the empty lounge. “She’s just a client! Keep your distance!”

But how could he? No matter what his father said. No! He needed to see her. He would visit her. He knew the address of her new home on the other side of the city. Maybe take a bunch of flowers to brighten up the place. It was probably full of unpacked boxes. And maybe take some Nando’s for her and her daughter. Very likely her new kitchen wasn’t ready for cooking yet.

“Sorry Dad,” said Isaac, even though his father wasn’t there. “Sorry. I know this is unprofessional, but I can’t help myself.”

Isaac picked up his keys and headed for the door.


What do you think? What is Isaac Modise’s profession?