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what a writer
anelisam · 9 months ago
Jenny, please contact me at Room to read about the book you wrote for us in 2009, titled The Night Life.
Naomi Mositsa · 3 years ago
Trying to get Jenny's contact details, e mail or telephone about a book she wrote for Room to Read, titled The Night Life. Please contact me at above e mail. Regards Naomi
Naomi Mositsa · 3 years ago
Great job Miss Jenny,your work is greatly appreciated."Because Pula Means Rain" taught me a lot of things,not only about how albinos get teased and all but also accepting myself and my flaws. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..." Zanele (H)
800080(H)P..._Zahzee_...P(H) · 3 years ago
Enjoy all of Your books,you truly are a great writer
Nicky · 5 years ago