Sleep dragged Ntando into the land of dreams. She found herself alone on an empty tar road, dusted with snow. Up ahead were her red shoes, her favourite pair. They danced on their own, tippity-tap-tap-tap.

“Wait!” Ntando cried.

But the shoes kept dancing on their way.

Ntando rushed to keep up with them, but the shoes were faster. Tippity-tap-tap-tap, they went, leaving traces of prints.

A gust of wind smacked Ntando in the face. Words thrust themselves into her ears, “Help me.”

Tears welled up. Ntando knew that voice. It was Vuyisa. “Where are you?”

“Help me!” cried Vuyisa.

But no matter how much Ntando strained her eyes, she could not see her friend. Even the red shoes were fading into the snow haze.

“I’m coming!” Ntando yelled into the wind. “Wherever you are, I will find you.”


A scattering of snowflakes scooped up Ntando’s final four words and carried them off. When they reached The Lady, she merely nodded.

At her feet was Vuyisa, wrapped in fur robes, with frosted eyebrows and lips tinged with blue. The young woman’s eyes were frozen wide, staring off into space. The Lady reached out and stroked Vuyisa’s braids.

Vuyisa didn’t move.


Tell us: Do you think important messages can actually be communicated through dreams?