Matthew Davidson is the current alpha’s son. He is also the soon-to-be alpha of the Crystal Light Pack. His father is retiring, so tonight they will be officially making him the new alpha. Matthew was my best friend growing up, but he changed and ended up becoming my biggest bully. My sister and Matthew are the pack’s most talked-about couple. Despite him cheating multiple times, she always takes him back. 

Matthew is a ladies man. Every female wolf in the pack wants to become the pack Luna. Even though that title comes with power and lots of benefits, it is a lot of hard work. 

What’s that smell? It’s like a combination of chocolate and nature. I follow the scent. I turn the corner and someone bumps in to me. I am about to fall to the ground but he catches me. I feel sparks. I look up and into Matthew’s eyes as we both utter the word “mate” together. 

I see his eyes changing from black to brown repeatedly. He is fighting with his wolf. His wolf wants to take control but Matthew is not letting him. Soon his eyes stop changing, and it stays black, meaning that his mad.

“Out of all people…the moon goddess chose you? You?!”

Matthew is not happy, he did not expect to get me as a mate. He has a type, and I do not make it on the list. I am what every wolf in the pack considers cheap. I was never romantically involved with another wolf before.

Matthew looks at me disgusted, “I, Matthew Emilio Davidson, soon-to-be alpha of the Crystal Light Pack, reject you, Mia Armani as my mate and Luna.”

I feel the tears threatening to fall. Rejection to a werewolf is bad, it hurts.  It feels like I got stabbed a thousand times with a knife. 

In the world of werewolves, you are not supposed to get rejected by your mate. When your mate rejects you, it is said to be offensive to the moon goddess, because she paired you up with that specific person for a reason. 

“I, Mia Armani, accept your rejection.”

Matthew looks shocked for a moment, but he quickly hides it. I turn around and walk away, forcing myself to remain calm. This pack has hurt me too many times, I won’t show them how I truly feel. To prevent them from calling me a crybaby, I just pretend that it does not affect me, even though deep down inside it does.

“Keep your tears in, Mia, you’re stronger than that,” I keep telling myself as I  sprint up the stairs.I stumble and fall down, landing near the basement door. There is a second door across from it. I have never seen it before. I open it up. Entering the strange room, I see that it is an old library filled with documents. Something tells me to stay. I scavenge through the old newspapers and files, there is a file with my name on it. 

“Mia Armani, status: adopted.” 

I let out a gasp and drop the file. I can’t believe what I am seeing. All these years I thought that I was born into this family. All these years I thought that my parents were my actual parents. Now I know why this pack feels like they can bully me, and do whatever they want to do to me. I wasn’t born into this pack, they are not my biological family. Why did no one ever tell me?

 I have to leave this place. They will never treat me right because they know I am not really one of them. 

I put the few things I own into a bag. I need to leave before anyone sees me. As soon as my hand touches the front door knob, I hear a voice behind me.

“Leaving so soon, sweetheart?”

I turn to see who it is, and it is none other than my sister Stella.

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