My alarm clock wakes me up at 06:00 in the morning. I lazily lift my left arm and swing it over my body to shut off the noise. I debate whether or not I should actually get up, knowing that if I don’t, I could get a beating. A beating is something that I don’t want first thing in the morning. 

I head down to the kitchen and start on the pack’s breakfast. I have 45 minutes to complete a breakfast for 400 wolves. Oh yes! Did I mention that I am a servant to my pack? I am a member of the Crystal Light Pack: yes, werewolves do exist, believe it or not. 

“Lazy wolves, can’t they hire an actual servant or do it themselves?” I sigh as I make breakfast. 

I make sure that everything is set on the table perfectly. I put six jugs of juice on the table, and put out the 400 forks and knives. I do one last check to make sure that everything is ready. 

“OK, Mia, you’re finally done. Now it’s time to actually get ready for school,” I give myself a pep talk.

I check the time and see that I have 10 minutes max to get my stuff and leave. I do not want to be here when they wake up. 

I take a nice stroll through the park, watching the birds zoom in and out of the trees. I see the squirrels collecting nuts, to take back to their home. I walk past the bakery and enter the coffee shop. I order an iced coconut frappe, and continue my journey to school.

High school is my worst nightmare, I literally hate coming to school. As I enter the doors, I receive dirty looks and giggles. I have no idea why they hate me; what did I do wrong? I walk with my head down, someone trips me and I fall, landing on my face. I look up and see my sister Stella. She looks down at me with a smirk; she enjoys doing this. She had her minions take out their phones to record me.

I tried to ignore everyone laughing at me. I know that I can’t cry in front of them. I swallow hard and start to blink my tears away.

Oh! I didn’t even tell you about me. My name is Mia Armani, and I’m a 17-year-old werewolf. I am also the late bloomer of the family, because I never shifted yet. Werewolves usually shift for the first time at the age of 16. I, however, am turning 18 and haven’t shifted yet. Even though it’s not a big deal, it hurts when you don’t get support from your family or your pack. I lost my parents at the age of 12. When my mom and dad were alive, no one bullied me. As soon as they died, that’s when everything changed. 


Tell us: What do you think about the way Mia’s pack members are treating her? Do you think that it is okay to be treated like that?