‘Karl’ – what a joke! I bet that isn’t even his real name! I bet his business card is fake. I drop it in my in-tray without a second glance.

No, I have no doubt: this guy is a spy, sent by my rival, Polelo Jaba of Total Package, to copy my ideas. She wants to outdo me at the Spring Collection Awards.

Clever of her, I suppose. To send a gorgeous hunk like this and catch us off-guard. With some silly charity cover story! She knows that Rosie is a sucker for gorgeous guys. She’s been that way since her school-days.

I wonder how much Polelo is paying this hunk.

But Polelo’s not the only clever one. No! Two can play this deception game.

I smile at fake-Karl politely. I seem to have got a grip at last. I sweep all my sketches – all my stunningly creative sketches, including my magnificent aubergine evening gown – off my desk and into my large waste basket.

I say, “Dear, dear! These interns of mine. They try hard but they really have no clue! These sketches are worthless. Disastrous! I’ll have to get back to the drawing board! Thank goodness we still have six weeks.”

Hopefully he will tell his spy-boss that he failed in his mission. He didn’t get a look at our official Spring designs. All he saw were some interns’ efforts.

In fact, last year when Polelo spied on me, she actually planted an intern in our sewing room. Lebo his name was. I caught him phoning, on our office landline! Whispering: “Yes, Ms Jaba, it seems yellow and ochre will be the main colours for the Tease collection.”

I grabbed the phone out of Lebo’s hand and marched his butt straight back into the street!

And Karl – or whoever he is – will be next! Even though he pretends he is only interested in his charity.

“We at CARING are hoping Tease will give us a platform as part of your show, Ms Pilane. Maybe allow us to put up posters, maybe give us some opportunity to explain to your patrons exactly what work we do?”

What a good actor he is! As he talks about the charity’s work with children, his voice sounds so sincere. So genuine! Almost – almost – I am convinced he truly cares about our vulnerable young people.

Why on earth is he wasting his talents spying for Polelo? With those looks, with that build, with those acting skills, he could be in the movies!

“With your help we can make a real difference for these youngsters,” he says. He has a beautiful mouth: stern yet gentle.

I’m nodding. I’ll play this game for a little while. Well, until Wame arrives with my swatches.

I look into his sunshades. Clever idea. Those designer sunglasses hiding his eyes. You can tell so much from a person’s eyes. Well, I can. If I could look into his eyes, I would know for sure that he was lying. Even if they are as gorgeous as the rest of him!

Meanwhile Rosie is looking at me through the glass window, winking at me from behind the guy’s head. I try to ignore her. She really is the worst PA ever!


Tell us: Is it true that you can tell what a person is like by looking in their eyes?