Kotatso had made a small fortune selling clothes before the big party, and he and his friends had actually managed to find some girls who were willing to pose as models and have raw fish eaten off their bodies. In fact, it turned out that they had more girls than sushi, because the sushi was very expensive. Moeketsi was the creative one and suggested that they just arrange cupcakes on some of the other girls. “That way there will be starters and desserts and the main course is on the dance floor!” he joked.

The party was a massive success. There were hundreds of people there in spite of a big youth rally that had happened earlier in the day.

Kotatso was playing some wicked tunes, when out of the corner of his eye he saw her: Tankiso. She was looking so sexy tonight, he thought. It’s true she was only sixteen, but she knew how to dance. Kotatso caught her eye, and she gave him a flirtatious smile. Man she was fine, and even with those high-heels she knew just how to get down.

Tankiso was wearing a cream-coloured, sequinned dress – no fake goods for her. Kotatso decided he would play her a special song and then make his way to the dance floor himself.

He slid his arm smoothly around her naked back and started dancing with her. She seemed so confident and sure of herself. Kotatso pressed his body close to hers and whispered, “How about we get some quiet time, mmm? Just you and me.”

Tankiso couldn’t say no; she’d admired Kotatso for a long time from a distance. She was attracted by his charisma and charm. She went with him to a private lounge.

Kotatso sat down and pulled Tankiso onto his lap. He kissed her and ran his hands caressingly down her sides, saying, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

“Oh yes?” said Tankiso, “How long?”

The truth was, he’d only wanted to do that for the last hour or two, since he first saw her on the dance floor. But he said, “For years; just for years.”

He went on: “Girl, the way you move on that dance floor, you’re something really special. I want to get to know you better.” He put his hand on her heart, saying, “You are one amazing little dancer. You’ve got so much attitude, babe. I can just see you going far in life with that spunk of yours.”

Kotatso kissed her neck, and stroked her bare arms. He massaged her shoulders. “Will you be my girl?” he asked her with conviction.

Tankiso smiled back at him and said, “We’ll have to see if you can prove yourself to me. Tonight I’ll dance with you and give you my number.”

Kotatso liked her attitude, the way she didn’t just give in, the way she held him on the line and made him sweat – especially on the dance floor.


Tell us what you think: Is Tankiso playing Kotatso? Will she really become ‘his girl’?