It was very late on that Sunday of the Fair, when Jabu drove Noni out to their secret spot, up the dark lane, amongst the big old trees.

This time Noni and Jabu just sat together, side by side, in the front seats of the car. Jabu talked to Noni about the future of their baby. He asked Noni how she was feeling, and whether she had even been to see a doctor yet. Jabu gently put his hand against Noni’s belly and said he could feel the baby kicking. Noni smiled up at Jabu as she clutched his hand hard in hers. The terrible fear and aloneness Noni had been feeling was slowly beginning to ebb away. She couldn’t stop looking at Jabu.

“I can hardly believe you are back with me, Jabu,” she whispered.

Jabu leant over and kissed her gently.

“I am here now,” Jabu said, “everything will be all right. I promise you. You and the baby will be taken care of. You will see.”

Jabu knew the state of Noni’s home. He knew that her mother would not support her in any way.

When Jabu and Noni left the quiet place in the lane that Sunday night of the Fair, Noni lay down and put her head on Jabu’s lap while he drove. She suddenly felt so tired.

Jabu drove slowly, and carefully, through the dark streets. Noni remembered later that Jabu had told her, before she fell asleep, that the Fair was leaving town. She heard the trucks passing by, their bright headlights lighting up the cab of the car. Then, with her hands folded over her rounded belly, Noni had slept.

As she drifted off Noni remembered hearing Jabu singing softly.“Thula, thula, thula baba…” he sang, a gentle baby’s lullaby.

Noni was woken by Jabu pulling her roughly up off his lap by her shoulders. He shoved her away from him onto the other side of the car. He held her as far away from him as he could with his left hand.

“Hold tight,” Jabu screamed at Noni, pushing her away again.

He was still screaming when Noni felt the car swerving violently. Noni was blinded by dazzling headlights, coming towards them at a terrifying speed.


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