Valentine’s Day is finally here and the twins are too nervous to eat their breakfast. “Do you think it worked?” Taylor can’t hold it in any more.

“It had to. Marcus was piss scared when I made the lock bigger. I am telling you, it worked.”

“Well, I guess we will see at school. They would announce if the money was missing.”

“Ja, they would make an announcement if someone stole the church’s money. They’d ask us if we know who took it. So I guess let’s just hold it in until assembly.”

“OK, it’s not that far.”

Marcus and Jay walk to school with bricks for feet. Their heads hang well below their belts. They are tired. They are sad that they have no money and no heart for the hustle. “Why must we be such bangbroeke, huh?” Jay finally breaks the silence.

“I am not going to jail, buddy, not for you and not for no girl from school. It’s not worth it, bra.”

“Ey, you are right, winning isn’t everything.”

That night at the ball, the Dirty Kidz show up and show out. They have on the latest Nikes and the newest Carvelas.

Marcus and Jay don’t want to be embarrassed so they don’t come at all. They would rather not show up than come there with old clothes and be the butt of the joke, again.

The twins join them at Ma’s house after making the rounds at the ball.

“Don’t you think it’s strange that the Dirty Kidz are always gekit but they don’t have any money?” Tylinn starts.

“They are running a hustle, man, we all know that.”

“Hayi man, Marcus, I don’t think so. They don’t have all the other signs. There has been no break-ins, no robberies, no muggings, no evidence of a hustle whatsoever.”

“OK, so what then, huh? Are they magic?” Marcus triggers something in Taylor that makes her jump up and spill popcorn all over the floor.

“And now, Tay?” Jay asks, while scooping

“Darryl! Darryl from the Dirty Kidz is the shadow from my bad dreams!”

“Don’t come lie.” Marcus isn’t buying it. He doesn’t know about the daydreamers.

“I am not lying. Darryl is a dreamer.”

“What?!” They all ask in unison.

“Guys, I think I know how the Dirty Kidz is making their money.”

“Taylor, say more sentences.” Tylinn is getting impatient and Marcus looks at her like she has started smoking her socks.

“Guys, tell Marcus about the dreams, you have 10 minutes. I am going to call Ma.”

As Taylor runs out of the lounge, Tylinn and Jay introduce Marcus to a land of futures and pasts, of ancestors and architecture. With Power Rangers playing on Ma’s new TV, Marcus stares at his best friends and suddenly everything makes sense.

Taylor comes back to the lounge dragging Ma behind her. “Ma, tell them.”

“There is an ability that some dreamers have. The ability to plant an idea in the minds of people while they dream. Your friend Darryl has that ability.”

“He’s been using his dreamer powers to convince people to eWallet him their money!” Taylor chimes in.

“What!” Jay and Tylinn say in unison.

“Yes, it is possible. But he could be doing this because he is grieving his mother and feels alone, just like you, Jay.” Ma starts to make them see that Darryl is not a bad guy, he is just sad and alone and he thinks that money will buy him friends.

Later that afternoon, the friends and Ma arrive at Darryl’s house, where he lives with his uncle, to tell him that they are dreamers too.

“Aunty, thank you for not going to the police. I am sorry. I just saw an opportunity to be the best. I just want my mother to see I am not a loser.” Darryl bursts out crying.

The twins and Jay know how he feels. They have all lost their parents. It isn’t easy being alone when everyone has a mother or father to see them grow up.

“We know what you are going through, Darryl. We also lost our parents. It’s hard being alone and then having to deal with superpowers.” Taylor speaks for all of them. “If you want, you can come and hang out with us. We like watching Power Rangers and playing Mortal Kombat. We also like going to the park and talking about who we are going to be when we grow up.”

Darryl feels seen for the first time in his life. “Thanks, ouens.”

Marcus takes it all in with wonder in his eyes. He is one of them too. He may not have powers but they are still his friends.

And now the dreamers are complete. They have each other when the sadness gets too much and they have each other to share the happy moments. And who knows what adventures await them in the future?

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