The night before the robbery at Aunty Bella’s house, Marcus has a very strange dream. It starts off normally. He is at home counting his money — his favourite dream — in a big house with white walls and shiny floors. And then all of a sudden, he is in jail.

The walls look like they reach heaven. They are tall and narrow and dark. The bars on the gate are thick and cold. But the worst part is the lock. The lock is huge, it looks like it can never be broken. He instantly feels scared. It feels like the walls are moving closer and closer. The floor feels cold, the bed is hard and the walls won’t stop moving.

Marcus tries to break out but he can’t. Every time he touches the lock, it grows bigger and bigger. “This can’t be happening!” he screams. “Where is my money!”


“Jayden, you were born with a purpose in this life.” It has been a while since Jay has seen his mother. “Jayden, look at me. There are things in this life that are more important than winning or being the best. A true winner knows that one can only win when the entire community wins. Remember that, my boy: you are more than just a winner. You are a dreamer.”

Jayden opens his eyes. He knows his mother has come to his dream to give him a message.

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