“I knew you would come up with the money Simon,” said Damian.

“Yeah, it cost me an arm and a leg…” I replied.

It was Friday, early evening, and the sun was just setting. Damian, his friend Brent, and I had planned to meet up at Sandra’s house. I couldn’t see any cars around her garage. Everyone must have walked to the birthday girl’s house to avoid suspicion, I thought. The party had already started, and I could hear loud rave music booming out from the double storey house.

“Ok, I’ll go buy some more drinks and I’ll meet up with you guys in fifteen, right?” Damian said. Brent and I walked up to the door as Damian skate-boarded off down the street. My heart was pounding. I had never been to a house party before. Also, I was nervous, for I knew this was the day I could try my luck with Amy Davis. The door was opened by a teenage boy, not much older than us. He looked at me, then at Brent.

“Brent! Howzit, my man. I see you brought a friend. Come in, come in.” The guy led the way. As we moved through the clusters of teenagers, I could feel my ears hurting as the deafening music reverberated through my whole body. The kitchen to the far left had a huge banner reading: ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA’. In every corner you could see people laughing, making out, drinking and smoking weed. I felt left out already. Nobody even glanced my way.

About an hour or so went by and I found myself in a group of around nine teenagers, out on the lawn. The group was made up of almost the same people I sat with at school break, with the exception of Damian and Brent. We sat in a circle. In the middle were three bottles of vodka. Everyone was telling stories and laughing as they drank to their anecdotes.

Damian, next to me, gave me a nudge and held out a shot.

“Simon, if you don’t start drinking now, you going to make me, and yourself, look bad,” he whispered. I took a breath and downed the whole shot clean. My head tingled.

About four shots later I was straight up drunk. I had gained confidence and was joining in the conversations around me. I looked at Amy and she smiled at me as she gazed back. This was all the incentive I needed. I stood up, tapped her on the shoulder and pulled her to her feet. I felt untouchable.

We stumbled to the edge of the lawn. I could tell Amy was super drunk. I got straight to the point.

“Amy, I’ve seen you look at me,” I said, grinning as I did so. “I… I feel attracted to…” Before I could finish Amy burst out laughing. I stood there confused.

“Don’t tell me you’re asking me out!” she exclaimed. She stared at me in disbelief.

“Yes, I, I mean… no. No way. I mean, don’t get me wrong you’re hot and everything but… N-not that I like… uhm, wouldn’t like to date you and…”

“Shhh,” she whispered, coming closer. “I can’t date you, but I can kiss you.”


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