For the past three weeks my friendship with Chloe had been getting more serious. She either would call me, or I her, almost every night. But when I saw her that Friday afternoon, I didn’t mention that Damian had asked me to go to the party, and that I would have to ditch hanging out with her and Josh the coming Friday. That night as I lay in bed I thought about the odd question Chloe had SMSed me:

Whr do we stand n our relationship?

What did she mean? Did I upset her or something? OK, I did hang out less with her and Josh and more with Amy’s group at break time during the week, but if that was an issue I could change.

The following week on the Tuesday, I chose to hang out with the old crew again, except that day Chloe was absent from school. As I sat with Josh on the school field’s well-trimmed grass I looked up at the sky.

“Wow, it was sunny this morning when I walked to school.” I said, staring up at the clouds. “Now I don’t even see a patch of blue.”

“You should’ve checked the weather forecast,” Josh replied.

“Hey, why is Chloe out of school today?” I asked, finally looking at Josh.

“Dentist. But she asked me to give this to you.” Josh searched all his pockets. Finally he held out a small white envelope.

“A letter?” I asked, as I took it from him. “Why couldn’t she give it to me herself?”

“You were too busy hanging out with Amy’s group when she wanted to yesterday, dude,” he replied, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

“I’ll read it when I get home,” I said, avoiding his eye and stuffing it into my pocket.

When school ended I could not find Josh and had to walk on my own. Being as unlucky as I am, as soon as I stepped out of the school gate I felt a light drizzle hit my forehead.

“Cape Town weather,” I sighed. I didn’t have a rain coat. I would have to just brave the rain. A few steps more and the drizzle intensified into a full blown downpour. The streets were dark, although it was midday, and the road was already becoming slippery. I started to jog slowly.

Just one road down, my face was dripping with water – I felt the droplets fall from my chin. I couldn’t take this anymore. I covered my head with my blazer. At least I would be able to protect my school bag on my back. All in vain. The blazer itself was soon fully drenched and dripping. I carried on jogging. Two roads from my house I stopped to catch a breath. By this time I was soaked.

Suddenly, a huge hand grabbed my shoulder from behind. My head snapped back – and a familiar face stared back at me.

“Damian!”I shouted, surprised.

“Let’s go over there. There’s protection from the rain,” he said, pulling me under a huge tree. “Dude, can you help me out?”

“I’m listening,” I said.

“Listen, I was supposed to take care of most of the drinks at the party but I won’t have the money until next week.”

“How much will it cost?”

“750 rand.”

“750!? Dude, I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“750 and I will put in a good word for you. You know… with Amy.”

“Wait – how did you know I… Amy?”

“Dude, it’s the only thing you have been talking about for the past week.”

“Where do you expect me to come up with that money?”

“Dude, you’re a smart boy. You’ll figure something out. So it’s a yes, thanks! Now I have to run. See you dude, and once again, thanks.” The next minute he was jogging down the road.

“Hey! I can’t… Damian!” My words were useless. I looked up to the pouring sky. Where was I going to come up with 750 rand?


Tell us what you think: What has happened to Chloe’s letter? Will Simon lend Damian 750 rand?