Modi was still dizzy with pleasure when Khotso parked outside Jonase’s house that night.

After leaving Andrew and Yonayona’s place, they had stopped at a quiet spot near the river. There had been kisses, and caresses, all confirming that they had a special sort of chemistry.

Modi’s skin felt intensely alive, even now, as if Khotso was still touching her. In her mind, she was reliving every moment of their time together.

“I’ll just come in and greet your family,” he said, opening his door. “But I won’t hang around. I told you I’m flying to Bloemfontein tomorrow, looking into opening an Excellence Conference Centre there? My partners and I need to go over some details tonight.”

“Yay! Uncle Khotso!” Phenyo whooped, running to meet them and yelling with laughter as Khotso scooped him up and swung him high in the air.

“I was hoping I’d see you again, my man,” Khotso told him, putting him down. Then he looked up and smiled.“Well, hello?”

The last two words were addressed to someone who had just entered the front room, where Jonase was downing a beer in front of the television.

Omphile. Some of the happiness went out of the day for Modi.

Omphile, smiling sweetly at Khotso – and wearing Modi’s favourite high heels, if she wasn’t mistaken. It would be too much of a coincidence for Omphile to have found and purchased the same shiny black and yellow shoes with the gorgeous silk sunflowers attached to the fronts.

They wore the same size, she recalled, so of course they’d fit Omphile perfectly.

“A good day?” Jonase stretched and got up as Modi endured Omphile’s hug and kiss. “Khotso, meet our cousin, Omphile. She’s just arrived from Rustenburg.”

“I’m so excited to be meeting Modi’s friends so soon.” Omphile was giving Khotso her trademark sideways look. “I think she must have such an exciting life, being single and living here – all those TUKS and TUT students, for one thing. I’d have thought you were a student, Khotso, except your clothes are better. I mean, you’re so young … But Jonase says you’re Modi’s employer.”

Had she always talked so much? Modi wondered.

“More than that now.” Khotso spoke smoothly, catching Modi’s glance, and they shared a secret smile.

“Beer, my brother?” Jonase offered, as Reabiloe came into the room.

“Another time, thanks.”

“Phenyo clearly adores you, Khotso,” Omphile chattered as he turned to go.

“And I think he’s pretty special,” Khotso responded.

“You must love kids.”

“Of course, who doesn’t?”

Omphile put her head on one side, as if thinking it over. What was she about to say? Modi didn’t want to hear it, so she said quickly, “I’ll see you out, Khotso.”

“See you all again soon.”

Modi noticed that he included Omphile in his smiling look around the room. Well, why not? Omphile was so pretty, with her almond eyes and doll’s mouth, and she came across sweet and friendly.


Tell us what you think: It’s clear that Modi doesn’t like or trust Omphile, but does she have good reason, or is she misjudging her?