Mpunzi loved his new wife very much. He treated her like a queen. She sat inside her hut all day and gave orders to Nosisa and the servants. Nosisa woke up early every day to make tea for her stepmother. She cleaned her hut and cooked for her, but her stepmother always complained that her food was cold, her tea was weak, and her hut was not clean.

One day Mpunzi became very angry at Nosisa. He scolded her and hit her with a stick. Nosisa ran off to the river where she sat and cried the whole afternoon. Suddenly she heard a voice coming out of the river. She looked up and saw a big fish. The voice was coming from the fish. Nosisa was so shocked she almost ran away, but the fish stopped her. “Please don’t run away my daughter, I am your mother. I have changed myself into a fish so that your father does not know it’s me.”

“What is the matter?” asked the fish. Nosisa told the fish everything about her sad life. “Don’t worry my girl. I will bring you food every day,” said the fish. The fish gave fresh vegetables to Nosisa. She had a feast. When she looked up the fish was gone. That day Nosisa went home smiling. She would not have to go to bed without food as usual.

Nosisa went to the river every day. In the morning she woke up as usual and did her chores around the house. At midday, she went to the river. She called out every time, and every time the fish would appear with delicious food. Nosisa became happier and happier. She could talk to the fish about anything. She started to regain her health. Her skin was glowing and she was a happy child.

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