Nosisa visited the fish every day until her stepmother became suspicious. Nosisa had gained weight and she was glowing. “Something is going on at the river, I must find out what it is,” thought the stepmother. One afternoon she followed Nosisa to the river. She saw Nosisa talking to the fish, and getting delicious food. Nosisa’s secret was out. “I have to do something about this fish,” said the stepmother.

In the evening, Mpunzi came back from the fields. He found his new wife crying in her hut. “What is wrong my lovely wife,” asked Mpunzi. “I went to a traditional doctor,” said the wife. “He told me that the only way for me to give you a son is to eat the biggest fish that lives in this nearby river,” she said. “Will you catch the fish for me tonight?” pleaded the woman. “I will do anything for you my beautiful wife,” said Mpunzi.

Mpunzi set off to the river before it was too dark. He took his servants to help him find the biggest fish in that river. They searched and searched and eventually Mpunzi caught the biggest fish. He put it in a bag and went home with it. When he got to the house, there was a good hot fire ready to cook the fish. “I will make the best meal ever for us,” said the woman to Mpunzi. “You are the bravest and strongest man I know.” Mpunzi was very pleased with himself.

That night Mpunzi and his wife went to bed happy after their delicious meal. They left the bones on the table for Nosisa to clean in the morning. When Nosisa brought coffee into their hut in the morning they were still sleeping. “This is very strange,” she thought to herself. “My father usually wakes up very early in the morning to go to the fields. I wonder why he is still sleeping.”

Tell us: What do you think will happen next?