But Kweku finally convinced his friend to
swim. They really enjoyed themselves in the
It was getting late and the sun was setting.
Kweku told Kwesi to get ready to go home.
He got out of the water, dried himself and
put on his clothes. Kwesi was still in the

At last Kwesi decided to get out of the water.
But he felt something pull his leg, and then a
terrible pain. “What is the matter?” he cried.

He turned, looked down into the water, and
screamed. He saw a crocodile, the god of the
stream! He started shouting for help.

Kweku Twum heard his friend shouting. He
went to help Kwesi.

Kweku pulled his friend onto dry land and
then rushed to the village to get help.

The villagers heard Kweku shouting and ran
towards the stream. They found Kwesi Gyasi
lying unconscious, with blood on the ground.
They carried the boy to the clinic

The next day, Kwesi woke up in a hospital
bed with his parents and Kweku Twum
standing beside him. He had a sharp pain in
his left leg.

They told him that his left leg was cut. Kwesi
started crying and begged his mother to
forgive him. She replied quietly, “As the
saying goes, ‘Had I known is always last.’ If
only you had listened.”