Kwesi Gyasi lived with his parents in a village
called Asempaye. He had a very good friend
called Kweku Twum. They lived in the same
village, and went to the same school.

Kwesi’s parents were Papa and Maame.
Maame always advised her son, “Don’t swim
in any river or sea because it is dangerous.”

During the school vacation, Kweku Twum
travelled to Simpa (Winneba). He went to
spend the holiday with his uncle, Kobina
Amfo who was a very good fisherman.
Kobina Amfo had many canoes at Simpa.

When Kweku Twum returned from Simpa, he
visited his friend Kwesi Gyasi. He told Kwesi
about his experiences and enjoyment,
especially swimming in the sea!

Kwesi was interested and wished he had
travelled with Kweku to the sea.

One afternoon, the two friends decided to
swim in the village stream. They went out
when nobody was watching.

As soon as they got to the stream, Kweku
Twum jumped into the water with a splash.
He called Kwesi Gyasi to join him but he did
not. He remembered his mother’s advice.