In the morning, Pheelamilo hid near the stream. The chief monkey sat in a tree as usual and watched out for the troop.

Pheelamilo waited patiently until the troop left. He then scattered roast groundnuts near the stream.

The next time the chief monkey came down to drink, he started eating the groundnuts.

He picked them until he reached a small hole with more nuts. As he reached into the hole, a rope seized his hand.

Pheelamilo took the chief monkey home.

Pheelamilo tied up the chief monkey and shaved off his fur. The villagers did not know why he shaved the monkey, and they laughed at him.

As the troops were causing havoc, Pheelamilo released their chief. He ran to join his troops, but they fled! As he ran towards the other monkeys, they fled from him.

The king happily fulfilled his promises. Pheetami and Pheelamilo married, with many cattle.

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