Zinzi tidied her denim jacket once more and smoothed down her skirt. Then she took a deep breath, turned and walked towards Themba’s Corner Store. Today was the first day.

Themba Gumede looked up from the till where he was counting out the money. His eyes travelled up the slim legs and settled on a nervous, smiling face.

“Hello,” she said softly, “I’m Zinzi. I’m starting work today. Remember me?”

“Oh, yes.” Now Themba was smiling too. “Come round to the back of the counter. My shop is so busy these days that I really need an assistant.”

Promise 1

Two hours later Zinzi and Themba were working side by side, unpacking cans of fruit.

Customers were slow this morning, so Themba was showing Zinzi how to display the stock.

“If the cans are piled up like this,” he showed her, “the customers will notice them more.”

Themba smiled to himself. He was lucky! His new assistant was not only pretty, she was quick to learn too.

Promise 2