That evening as Zinzi washed her mother and helped her get ready for bed, she told her all about her day at work.

“Ma, it’s a busy store. I can learn a lot. Themba is kind and he likes to help me.”

She rubbed soothing lotion onto her mother’s aching legs. She felt sad that Mama was too old to go with her to see the store and to meet Themba. Mama said. “Just remember, my girl, your first job is to look after me.”

“I’ll never leave you, Mama,” Zinzi promised her. But her thoughts had already shifted to the tall man with shining eyes and a wide smile.

Promise 3

The days passed quickly.

Themba learned that he could depend on Zinzi to help the customers and give the correct change.

Zinzi’s heart beat fast when his large, strong hands lifted the heavy boxes and placed them just where she could reach them.

She waited for that moment when he would lean close to her, smiling.

Promise 4