Technology is slowly making an enemy of me. I was summoned to Skype with dad against my will. The whole family had a conference call. We sat in awkward silence and made small, meaningless talk but at the end of it all, I was told the whole story…

The bottom line is that Dad made a few bad investments and they cost me my lifestyle. So yes, we ran from PE to ‘start over’ here. My parents are not getting a divorce, but we are broke. We’re not Kim Kardashain broke, that would be acceptable. We’re Kelly Khumalo broke.

So bottom line again was that I must keep my nose clean and be a little more appreciative towards my mom for wanting to protect us. Her image more like it, me thinks! It was her idea that we move here so the pressure won’t be so much for us. Anyways, apologies were said and I grumbled mine. Right now I must be a good girl. And being a good girl has its rewards…or bribes.

I will be allowed one weekend out a month. No outings on school nights unless I’m spending the night back at home. Sebastian is allowed to visit but he can’t sleep over… as if I’d let that happen. And finally the big one…I must adjust and work with my mom. LMAO

I suppose it won’t be so bad. But it sucks that I have no plans for this last week. I’m not bugged about it though. I’ll find something to fill my pretty little head with.

ZZ xxx