Just got home and mom is on my case. She’s screaming about me acting irresponsible. I don’t know what her problem is coz it’s not like she’s never spent a weekend with a guy before. And I did tell her Friday morning that I was going out and she shouldn’t wait up, like she suggested. If she doesn’t stop this yelling I’m just gonna walk out and go to Sebastian’s again.

I don’t get it, why am I the one getting heat? They were the irresponsible ones. They played with all our money, my future, and just gambled it away with bad investments. I’ve been accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle, and they did that to me. Now I’m expected to just roll over and accept that my life as I know it is over?

No! I rebel! This is bull. She can’t keep me here and make me do what she wants. They both can’t. I’ve lost my life and I’m trying to make a new life for myself like they advised. It’s not my fault. I’m angry and I don’t want to be here.

I’m the one who has to deal with the social embarrassment. Robbie called and said he’s coming to the Metallica concert in April. Now what am I gonna do about that? He just wants to confirm our downfall. I hate this whole City.

ZZ xxx