Zinzi: Hello?

Sebastian: Hey, it’s me…how are you?

Zinzi: (groans) I’m fine, you?

Seb: I’m good. Did I wake you?

Zinzi: Ja, what’s up?

Seb: Ag nothing, just saying hi.

[Then awkward silence]

Zinzi: OK.

Seb: So, how’s things?

Zinzi: Things are fine. Listen can we do this tomorrow? I’m totally beat and I need to sleep.

Seb: Oh yeah, sure. I didn’t mean to wake you. I know how grumpy you get about your sleep.

Zinzi: Ja, good night then.

Seb: [In a low, disappointed voice] Goodnight, babe.

That was a phone conversation I just had. Now I’m up worried that I was cold towards him. He understands, right? I’ll call him in the morning.

ZZ xxx