I just came from dropping Tee off. She spent the weekend and we had such fun. Studying with her is so much easier than doing it by myself. I only spoke about Sebastian once during the entire weekend and that was when I was tipsy on Saturday night.

We had a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and made toasts to great friendship and passing exams with flying colours. The one glass led to another and before we knew it we had finished the bottle. You know you just relax and ramble in great company.

So now I’m just going to rest. I don’t want to study anymore today and I don’t want to think. I promised myself (during my drunken episode) that I would not call Sebastian again – I’d rather just focus on my exams.

I deserve a break and if he wants to give me one that’s fine. He must just hope and pray that I’m still available when he’s ready to grow up.

ZZ xxx