I had such an awesome weekend. I’ve never been so happy. I just got home and mom is taking a nap.

So I took the car on Friday to school. Everybody was amazed that I drive a Mini, a red one at that. A Mini Cooper Mark III Facelift Roadster. My little cute convertible, the one possession I am happy my parents got me.

At break time Tee and I sat in the car first and just chilled and listened to my rock CD’s. She doesn’t understand why I listen to rock and I don’t get why she listens to commercial house. But we like each other and that’s enough. When we got to our last class after lunch, guess who was the talk of the class?

People just love a spectacle. After school everybody was queuing to get a piece of Zinzi. But I wouldn’t let them. I felt very proud of myself, choosing Tee over my adoring fans. So we drove around a bit, went to Sebastian’s bar, but he served me no alcohol. He can be such a sweet dweeb boyfriend sometimes.

So when he knocked off at 21:00 we went to Hemingways and then to Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay. The night was epic! Let’s just say Sebastian was the designated driver!

He drove us to his place at God knows what time. We were sloshed! I woke up to a massive hangover and a big smile on my face. Saturday afternoon we drove Tee home, to Khayelitsha. She stays in Ilitha Park, not too shabby. Then I went back to Sebastian’s and slept.

I’m still recovering if I’m honest with myself. I’ve never danced so much in my life. My legs hurt. I’m happy though.

Can’t wait to see Tee tomorrow.

ZZ xxx