So Tee and I are sitting at the cafeteria having lunch, when these girls walk up to us. For some reason I didn’t like them. They reminded me of my old friends back home. So they came up to us and sat down, without invitation.

Then they start jumping in our conversation and taking it over. They were like, “Oh yeah, we know that place. Do you know that place in Ronderbosch or that one in Wynberg?” Like I give a toss!

I got so annoyed I flipped at one of them. She was poking my salad and nobody plays with my food. I do it all the time to Sim to annoy him. I told them where to get off and to take their cheap labels with them.

I don’t think I was like that in high school. I was nice and popular, never mean. Tee wanted to entertain them and show off about the places we went to and what we’ll do next weekend but I stopped her. She doesn’t need to impress anybody.

Gawd, evil bitches. I know they came over because they saw what type of car I drive and I’m done with such people. Tee and Sebastian will be my only friends until I make some more, real ones.

ZZ xxx