You’re probably wondering how the date went with Sebastian. Fan-bloody-tastic!!! The guy is so perfect I don’t think he’s for real. But if he’s not then I’m just gonna enjoy him to the fullest.

So the dude, Sebastian, rocks up in his little Polo GTI. He’d insisted on picking me up. Mum almost died when she saw that he was my date. She thought it was just a guy who got lost and was maybe looking for the people who used to live here.

She gave me that intrusive ‘My, you’re taking this whole downgrading thing to heart’ look. I mean me, in a GTI, I never thought the day would come.

So he rocked up looking swelteringly yummy. Dark blue bleached jeans, a black T-shirt that clung to his every muscle, a chain with a head skull, black studs on both ears, some Goth accessories, and his raggedy post-coitus hair was tussled as usual. He’d taken out his lip piercing, I think more for my mom’s sake.

He took me to the V&A Waterfront. The restaurant we ate at, Den Anker, was amazing. We had exotic foods that I never had before. You don’t order what you already know when you go to a restaurant, you always try something different.
We sat on the terrace and just talked after lunch.

Then we went around for a bit of shopping. I must admit I hated the fact that I couldn’t afford all those stores now. But it didn’t hurt to look. I’m lying, it stung like hell and I almost cried when I saw a Jimmy Choo bag. The poor soul offered to buy me something but I couldn’t do that to him.

I made some bulled up rule about me never shopping with boyfriends, just my mom. He bought it. It was heavenly torture.

We walked around and even went to chill at the beach. Sat on some rocks and let our feet get washed up. Then we went and sat at another restaurant overlooking the sea. The view is amazing in the evening. And the company was certainly superb. We sat there till around 9:00 then he took me home. I wanted to have him for desert but he said next time.

Mom was pleased when I arrived home nice and early, and – not to mention it – but sober. I think Sebastian did it on purpose.

Off to shower to cool down this heat I’m in. Sebastian.

ZZ xxx