After the date I had last night I’m not bothered about spending a Friday night at home. Mom seemed shocked when I took the car and said I’m going to hire movies with the dweeb. She better not think I’m getting soft. I’m just… well, I’m just adjusting.

So we settled for comedies and no action. I can’t take all that fighting and blowing things up, except if the guy is really hot. And maybe if there’s a scene where he’s fighting and his shirt gets torn…

There’s nothing interesting on TV so after this I’ll just head out to the pool and hang. They have a community pool about 10 minutes away. I can’t take my Tablet with so I’ll just take my phone and chill.

Dweeb is coming with me. He is a mood for a swim. I told him the water is germy but he said he won’t be put off.

I think my poor brother just wants to see and talk to people and make friends. His friends back home are more loyal than mine. He keeps in touch with them and they play video games every Saturday night. I envy that I must say.

ZZ xxx