Thought I’d take the time out and just browse the net. I’m doing laundry, or rather the washing machine is, but I still have to hang it and take it down. I’d hate to clean the house too. Thank God it’s all tiled and Sim is old enough to clean up after himself.

Some kids, like the girls at school, have to clean up before going anywhere. Can you imagine? Spending your whole weekend cleaning the house and doing people’s laundry, by hand? Never!!!

There’s this girl from Khayelitsha, Thembeka, I call her Tee. We’re in the same class and I feel sorry for that chick. She makes me grateful for all the little things I have. But that’s a story for another day.

Mum just shouted, “Zinzisa, those clothes aren’t gonna hang themselves!” She sounds like she’s been doing this forever. Hahaha!

ZZ xxx