School was nice. Hung out with Tee all day and I’ve never laughed so much. The girl is hilarious. I would share the jokes but I could never tell them like she does. Plus, most of the stuff she says is about her family so I don’t think I should share. Maybe she tells me in confidence even though she jokes about them.

I went to see Sebastian at his work after classes. He was happy to see me even though he played bruised boyfriend. We kissed and made up. The boy is smitten, he apologised before I did. I felt like a queen. Robbie didn’t treat me that way. He would want me to apologise even if I wasn’t in the wrong. Feels nice dating a mature guy for once.

He asked if I’d spend the weekend with him and I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth.

“I’ll ask my mom,”

Yep, they were out there in the open before I could swallow them. I felt like a retard, a school kid. But then I’m sure dad will be proud. My boyfriend seemed to totally understand.

ZZ xxx